Why Mushrooms are Super Foods


Whether or not you love the taste of mushrooms they are considered a super food, and you should include them in your diet as often as possible! Put them on pizza, in soups; stir fries, casseroles, and omelets. If you are eating steaks and burgers, make sure to include mushrooms as a topping. Grill the portabellas, and include mushrooms in your kabob line up!

If none of that sounds good to you, you are in luck – you can also ingest them as a supplement! Mushrooms are fascinating, and they are true super foods. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Mushrooms (fungi) and humans are susceptible to contracting the same kinds of infections from the same microbial pathogens. However, the evolution of fungi has made them far more adept at fighting infections by manufacturing the compounds needed to destroy the pathogens. When we ingest the mushrooms we also obtain these beneficial compounds.

2. Like all outstanding super foods, mushrooms are functional foods, they contain essential macro and micro nutrients, but go beyond the basics by benefiting multiple systems in the body.

3. The “fruiting body” or “meat” of the mushroom is the very last stage of a lifecycle that only exists for a few days. The magic of mushrooms is happening underground in many complex stages. The end result produces a magical, medicinal, and nutritious mushroom for us to eat.

4. Just like humans, fungi eat and digest plants. Fungi make the enzymes needed to digest plants. When taken as a supplement, you benefit from these extra enzymes that we as humans don’t produce as well as the fungi do.

5. When you eat mushrooms, you must eat them cooked to get the most nutritional benefit.Mushrooms When you need extra immune support or want to take something that resembles a “natural multi-vitamin”, your mushroom supplement should contain all parts of the mushrooms: the body, the mycelium, and the spores. All properly harvested and cultivated, of course.


6. Well known in alternative healing communities, certain constituents are the rock stars of super foods. Polysaccharides, beta-glucans, glyconutrients, triterpenoids, just to name a few, are all abundant in fungi.

7. What can mushrooms do for you? Support your immunity, energy, libido, memory, nerves, blood sugar, DNA, heart, stress levels, lungs, lymph system, circulatory system and so much more!

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