Goji love! The day the universe kept reminding me to buy goji berries.

Goji Love

I went to get a mani/pedi yesterday at the same salon I always go to. I was paired up with a nail tech I had not had before. After the pedicure was complete, she directed me over to her manicure station and as I sat down I notice she had a Voss water bottle filled with goji berries and saffron!

Wisdom from the East

Here is what she told me: She is from south China, and lived there until she was 19. Both of her parents still live there and are traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and pharmacists. She went back home to visit this summer and brought back all kinds of herbs and flowers that she makes tea from every day. She was taught to “listen to her body” and brew teas accordingly! (I love her and want to hug her at this point). She told me that goji was a daily tonic used in tea, or small handfuls as a snack, and was especially good for the liver and circulation. She had added the saffron (very expensive in the US) because it is used often after pregnancy to help bring the body back into balance.

East meets West

Next, I head over to see Dr. Lauren for acupuncture. She inquired about my eye health because she explained that a lot of patients that do acupuncture facial treatments for cosmetic reasons report no longer having floaters or blurriness because of all of the good energy or Chi that was being brought to the face. I told her I had strong eyes and vision to begin with, but notice some eye fatigue/strain set in if I spend too much time on the computer. “Make sure you are eating goji” she says – “great antioxidant for the eyes and in Chinese Medicine eye health is correlated to liver health, and goji is also great for the liver”. I couldn’t believe my ears! The same message, just a few hours apart!

Moral of the story: listen to your body, let food be thy medicine, and eat goji berries daily! Read more about goji benefits in this post.

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