Massage and the Common Cold

Should I keep my massage appointment even though I have a cold right now? This question has been asked recently by a few of my clients about getting massages while having a bout with the common cold, especially since this is the season for this particular ailment. This is my take on the issue.

The common cold is a localized viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and it usually lasts about a week or two in most adults. Contrary to popular belief, the common cold is not caused by ‘being cold’ but is caused by the spread of the virus.

One of the reasons we tend to be more susceptible to colds in cold weather is that our bodies’ immune system is working overtime to regulate and create balance, also known as homeostasis.

Timing your massage

It is widely known that massage facilitates significantly increased circulation which is usually great for overall health, however, when you have a cold, massage can cause the virus to spread throughout the entire body, especially during the acute stage.
The incubation period for a cold is 3-5 days and the acute stage is usually about 5 days, during both stages the condition is contagious.

If you have a cold it is advisable to wait and reschedule your massage appointment until you are at least 5 days or more from the appearance of your first symptoms, then when you are well on your way to recovery, get that massage to help speed up your recovery and strengthen your immune system. If in doubt or if you have more questions please talk to your doctor.

It is well known that most massage therapists are using essential oils during their massage treatments, and most consumers love them. Essential oils offer positive support to the immune system through topical use and inhalation. Even the most common essential oils like lavender, peppermint and citrus blends, will offer some benefits to the immune system. There are companies that specialize in formulating essential oil blends for specific use, based on classic use. Many times they have easy to relate to names like “Cold and Sinus”, “Immune Blend”, and “Protection”, which are some of Melanie’s favorite blends from Essential 3.

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