Many features make Sea Buckthorn Berry a very unique super food.

What is a sea buckthorn berry? It is a small orange berry, and like most berries, they are extremely nutrient dense. What makes this berry unique is that it is the world’s richest source of omega 7. Like the goji berry, when harvested from the pristine mountainous land of the Himalayas, you get a superior product. Foods that grow and flourish in areas of high altitude, where temperatures and seasons can be extreme, have to be hearty, and always seem to have extra magical, nourishing powers.

Omega 7

Just when you were maybe starting to understand omega 3, 6, and 9 – now you have to care about 7? Our body can synthesize it, but with our modern diet and lifestyle, this is not happening at optimal levels, so yes, we should start caring about omega 7 too.

Sea buckthorn is a super food, no doubt about it. It is a powerful antioxidant, full of vitamins and minerals. With the presence of the Omega 7 it contains, it becomes a key super food for supporting collagen production, and the less glamorous job of keeping the mucous membranes in your body healthy. That is one you may not have heard of before, but think about it, mucous membrane is almost your entire digestive system, as well as your nose and sinuses.

Internal and External Benefits

Here’s the deal, you can get amazing benefits from the fruit oil (where most of the omega 7 is) and the seed oil. When you buy a product that is a puree of the entire berry, you get it all, it’s tart but delicious, and a whole food.

For topical use, you really don’t want the fruit oil, because although there may be some benefit topically, most of the benefit will be best absorbed internally. The fruit oil is where most of that orange color comes from, so when concentrated it can stain your skin and clothes. For external use, use the seed oil.

Definitely add sea buckthorn to your super food rotation. Or better yet, make it a staple. And keep that seed oil in your first aid kit at the very least for burns. This super food is one to watch, already PubMed has 23 pages of studies having to do with sea buckthorn. Check out some of these conclusions just to name a few:

“In conclusion, SBT seed oil has significant wound healing activity in full-thickness burns and split-thickness harvested wounds.”

“These findings suggest that SB oil has a potent hepatoprotective activity.” (Protects the Liver)

“These studies provide important evidence that sea buckthorn wine exerts protective effects against oxidative stress and hypercholesterolemia.” (Great anti-oxidant and protects against high cholesterol)

We use sea buckthorn in our smoothie recipes quite often. Check out our smoothie recipes here.

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