Low-Fat Rant. Let’s clear up every last bit of confusion about fat, and get on with our healthy lives.

If you were heavily influenced by the 1980’s and early 90’s, I will cut you some slack in re-learning this, however, anyone born in the 80’s or later, you should know better. I know it is difficult to keep things straight with all of the marketing that goes into our food supply, so here it is one more time.

Low-Fat Rant

Are you paying attention? You may need to read this a couple of times to let sink in.

Low-Fat: Fat does not make you fat. Processed refined carbs and sugars make you fat.

Cholesterol does not make you fat: Cholesterol is an essential fat. When too much sugar is consumed in the diet, cholesterol is trapped in arteries and veins, clogging them. Clogged arteries are damaged arteries – it is not cholesterol’s fault.

Exception to the rule: Manufactured fat will make you fat. This includes margarine, partially hydrogenated oils, etc. They make you fat because they are not real fat, they are plastic. Plastic makes you fat.

Please!!!!! Don’t concern yourself with how many calories are in your serving of fish oil, flax oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, etc. THOSE CALORIES DONT COUNT and they will not cause you to gain weight. The fat in these products are used immediately to generate energy and are not stored in your cells. The same amount of calories eaten in the form of a candy bar will.

Fat free: means either full sugar and/or full chemical. You know now that sugar makes you fat, so fat free is, in fact, not fat free.

A few related reminders on Sugar – Free, Chemicals, and Processed Foods:

The only way “sugar-free cookies” could possibly be healthy and not make you fat, is if you made them from scratch, with organic ingredients and real fat – like real butter, and with no artificial sweetener substitute or processed ingredients like bleached flour. Sugar free cookies from a package will make you fat.

Chemicals are fattening because they mess up your body’s natural processes of digesting, metabolizing, detoxing, and breaking down those “foods” that contain them.

Processed foods are bad. Still confused? Read more.

Have more questions or comments on fat? Please leave them! Let’s discuss.

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  1. Kindra says:

    So simple, yet so hard for so many to understand. Thank you for putting it in this context, maybe my husband will understand it better…

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