Love Eleutherococcus. Adrenal exhaustion, no thank you. Mental and physical stamina, yes please!

We just did a post about one of Dr. Lauren’s favorite adaptogens. The more we talked about it, the more excited we got! Here are more buzz words on Eleutherococcus. You may have heard it called Siberian Ginseng in the past, but this is no longer the proper term. Take a look at this gorgeous plant!

Actions of Eleutherococcus:

Promotes physical & mental energy & stamina
Protects against the damaging effects of all types of stress
Reduces fatigue, increases endurance
Supports immune function
Optimizes oxygenation
Protects against radiation

Uses of Eleutherococcus:

Increase physical & mental energy & endurance
Acute or chronic physical, mental or emotional stress
Chronic fatigue
Adrenal exhaustion
Inability to endure daily tasks & workload
Blood sugar issues


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