Lose Weight, Increase Metabolism, and Detox. Step 3: Realize your Sugar Addiction and address it.

One of the top diet and health saboteurs is eating too much sugar – sugar addiction is as powerful as addictions to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, physiologically. Sugar is added calories, inflammation, and acidity. Real or fake sugar will stimulate the sweet craving, and like most addictive substances, you will continually need more and more of the substance to satisfy the “craving”.

Your sweet is turned on

You may have been “good” all day drinking your tea with Splenda, but your sweet is still turned on so at the end of the day you have a hard time turning away those cookies because your body still wants more.


Cut down/eliminate sugar and change your body chemistry by not feeding the chemical addiction so you no longer have the overwhelming desire to eat those foods. Over time you can enjoy a sweet treat, but you will desire it less, and if you indulge you will “pay the price” after by not feeling very good. In time, your body will “learn” that it doesn’t want to feel bad and eventually you will not feel deprived by saying no. Remember, this takes time and willpower so you have to stay at it even if you “relapse”. It will pay off in the years to come if you don’t give up even when it is hard.

Added sugar is in everything

Remember to read the labels! Look at your ketchup bottle, and the jam you spread on your toast every morning. The more added ingredients in the food you eat, the harder it is to break the addictions to the additives like sugar, salt, fats, and chemicals. These are in processed foods purposely to keep you hooked.

Step 4

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