Lose Weight, Increase Metabolism, and Detox. Step 2: Don’t Eat Food with Preservatives & Chemicals

Eat from the earth. Eliminate processed foods, preservatives and chemicals. The foods that we tend to overeat are PROCESSED foods. When food is processed, vital nutrients and components are removed. Usually what has been left behind is sugar, fat, and salt, with little fiber or vitamins and minerals.

Anything that has been altered into something different than what it originally was when it came from the soil, and packaged into a box or a bag where it can sit on the store shelf for long amounts of time, is no longer going to support your optimal health. This is true, even if it says organic, natural, fat free, sugar free, low cal, low in sodium, low glycemic, etc.

Digesting processed food requires a lot of energy by your system without giving you an optimal return of nutrients. Worse yet, if it is full of preservatives (those long words you can’t pronounce in the ingredient list), these will cause additional stress to the digestive system, as well as your organs that have to work overtime to try to break down those chemicals and rid them from the body.

Animals are not fat and unhealthy unless humans step in and feed them too much processed food. When you eat a variety of whole foods, it is very hard to overeat. You can start by eliminating anything you buy that contains preservatives, and limit what you buy in a package, and then start to make more of your food choices from the earth.

How to Eliminate Preservatives

Instead of potato chips: eat a baked potato, roasted potato, or your own “fried potato” in a skillet with some olive oil.
Instead of roasted and salted nuts: buy and eat them raw.
Instead of crackers or chips for dipping: use your crunchy veggies like carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber etc.
Instead of candy choose: dates, raisins, goji berries, and other dried fruit without preservatives.

Hopefully you get the idea. Overtime it is really easy to up the daily % of what you eat from the earth, with the fewest ingredients possible,  WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR PRESERVATIVES. Your long-term health, vitality, and maintenance of your healthy weight and body composition will all fall into place, as this becomes second nature to you. Reestablish what your body was meant to thrive on: whole, natural, unadulterated food. Eating what is actually “first nature” to you.

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