Looking for extra energy? Here are 4 ways to achieve ongoing optimal energy.

Lack of energy can be expressed in two different ways: Mental and Physical. Physical fatigue is the inability to continue functioning at a level equal to normal, while mental fatigue may manifest as decreased attention, and reduced ability to concentrate and focus. Most of the causes, and therefore the prevention, of low energy can be controlled by the choices we make everyday. Have you considered these 4 ways to achieve ongoing optimal energy?

1. Exercise Creates Energy

The physiological effects of energy on the body and mind are exponential. Committing the time to exercise on a consistent basis means a steady net gain of on-going energy in the mind and body.

The best time to do your exercise is when it is most convenient for you. “I don’t have time”, is the most common claim from those who do not exercise on a regular basis. But you do! Start with something easy. Take a walk in the morning for 20 minutes, and then little by little begin to increase the time and intensity. It is a great feeling to have your workout done for the day, and your energy and metabolism will be supporting you all day long.

Some additional ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine are to take the stairs rather than use the elevator, and walk to work, or to do errands, instead of driving. These are helpful, however, they do not replace a daily workout. Take the extra time to commit to a workout you enjoy!

2. Food Choices Determine Energy Reserves 

Fruits and vegetables require very little of your energy reserves to digest, especially if consumed raw. Meat and dairy on the other hand require a lot of energy from the body to break down and digest. Energy that could be used elsewhere in the body.

Digesting processed food requires a lot of energy without giving you an optimal return of nutrients. If your food is full of preservatives, those long words you can not pronounce in the ingredient list, these will cause additional stress to the digestive system and internal organs. Once again your body has to use more of your precious energy working overtime to break down those chemicals and rid them from the body.

3. Energizing Nutrients

B vitamins are required for what we do best: multitasking. This includes working, meeting deadlines, studying, exercising, shopping, volunteering, and taking care of friends, family and loved ones. On top of that, if you are smoking, consuming coffee, soda, alcohol, not getting enough sleep and eating on the go you are using even more B vitamins!

Adaptogens are unique herbs and foods that promote a holistic balance and help the body adapt to mental and physical stress and fatigue. They help increase the body’s ability to cope with internal and external stress factors by supporting the adrenal glands. Adaptogens can offer a safe and natural way to help to provide energy during the day, reduce stress, and promote restful sleep.

Consuming stimulants on the other hand……. like coffee, sugar, or energy drinks, is like throwing gasoline on embers; you might get a bit more life out of the fire, but it’s simply not sustainable, and you eventually will burn out! Supporting the adrenal glands with B vitamins and adaptogens, however, is like adding new logs to the fire—a proper, and longer-term solution.

4. Energy From The Sun

During the summer when the days are lighter and brighter it seems to energize us, so take advantage of those longer days and get out and enjoy it! During the winter months with shorter days, do your best to be awake for all daylight hours, and if possible, get outside and spend whatever time you have in the sun. Without the sun we do not have life. The sun’s energy is also in the foods that are grown from our earth, so eat from the earth, and put the powerful energy of the sun into your cells.

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