Life span and health span. Do you know the difference?

When we hear people talk about “living a long life”, some of us automatically insert the word healthy into that phrase: “living a long, HEALTHY life”. Have you ever thought about what that really means to you? Does it mean living past your parents or grandparents age? Or, does it mean living in moderation as long as you can and crossing your fingers that you don’t end up with a degenerative disease?

No matter your age, do you think about prevention or anti-aging on a regular basis? You probably know there is a magazine called Prevention, and you might hear a 90 second news spot on the latest anti-aging nutrient or “treatment”, but are you taking any real action to increase your lifespan and/or health span?

Life Span vs. Health Span

What is the difference between life span and health span? With today’s modern technologies, hospitals and doctors are able to keep people alive much longer (life span), but that doesn’t guarantee that someone’s quality of life will be good during that extended time (health span). Life span is how long you are technically alive, and health span is the length of time you are truly healthy and thriving during that time. Ideally you want your life span to equal your health span.

What can you do to increase your health span? The kinds of topics we provide on this blog! Moderate exercise, tips to de-stress, eating a clean diet, and investing in supplements – especially antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrient dense super foods. To really ensure that your health span equals your life span, these are things you have to embrace 24/7 & 365. Every healthy choice you make or don’t make has a direct impact on your health now, and in the future.

Decide today to become passionate about increasing your health span, and to thrive during your life span. Make every choice a commitment towards ensuring your health.

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2 Responses to Life span and health span. Do you know the difference?

  1. Maryl says:

    Good clarification. I often think if we all live to be 100 will we feel like doing anything?! Need to pay attention.

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