Lessons humans can learn from a good Veterinarian: Use herbs, don’t eat late, no soy…

good veterinarian

A client of mine went to a new vet, a holistic one. Her dog, a 17 year old rescue, was having old age aches and pains. She wanted to do everything possible to make sure the last years of her dogs life were the best years possible. Here is her account of the appointment with not just a good veterinarian, but a great one!

The appointment

It was an hour long – peaceful, thoughtful, and stress free, were her descriptive words.

The doc had her and her dog take a 5-10 minute walk outside in the sun and fresh air at the end of the appointment while the doctor “put some thought into his best treatment protocol” My client’s first thought was, “can we have him study to treat people too!?”

The prescription

  • A slow transition from the pharmaceutical meds he had been taking for pain, to herbs
  • A diet with very little dry food and a change of brands for the little that he would get
  • No wheat, gluten, soy
  • Whole fruits and veggies with clean meat
  • Yes the dog should lose a few pounds but that would happen naturally with a change of diet.
  • No eating late at night.

Hmmmmm my client said sheepishly – “sounds exactly what my personal trainer has been preaching to me for years.”

The result

Within 48 hours of this appointment, the dog was like a brand new dog! Normally sedentary at home except for when going for a neighborhood walk, he was now acting like a younger version of himself wanting to play and chase things. My client was shocked and elated.

The lesson

I think you can see all that we should learn from this story. The prescription is an obvious good course of action for humans as well, and one that we so strongly promote on Society Wellness.

Check out holistic doctors. We also want our healthcare providers to take enough time with us at our appointments, creating an individualized prescription for a healthy lifestyle. Need a good veterinarian? See if you have one with a holistic practice in your neighborhood, because our pets are a big part of our society as well!

Photo: Aussie And Me – please visit their site if you would like to adopt a great dog like Nacho

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