Laughter is the best Medicine! So we give you this: “Things Brides Say”

This is a compilation of what we have all heard before and what friends in the industry have shared. This list of things brides say is reported by florists, caterers, makeup artists and photographers, so everyone has a different take on what they hear. Please share in the comments below if you have ones to add. Maybe someone with some acting and filming talent will want to produce their rendition like the classic Lululemon video “Shit Yogis Say“.

Things brides say

I’m going to be so skinny on my wedding day

This is the most important day of my life

“OMG – I’m going to be sooooo happy!” (super valley girl like)

I hate my mother

STOP stepping on my dress!

My wedding is going to be fun, unlike my friends!

Who’s wedding is this anyway??

We won’t be out late..gotta reel in my fiancé night before the wedding

From a bridesmaid.. “Don’t make me go back to that Bride with a NO.”

Bring on the honeymoon.

There are 12 people in my wedding party and I have a $500 budget!!!!

“I know exactly what I want”….(Not)

What do you mean it is hot on the beach in August?

What do you mean I can’t carry tulips in July?

I am getting married on the beach rain or shine, make it happen!

“I forgot to take my meds.” Then she proceeded to have a seizure in the middle of her own ceremony.

Xanax anyone?

Dad get off my train

It’s all going so fast

OMG I’m going to puke

How is he? Is he nervous?

Can my pet ferret be the ring bearer?

Will there be people in bathing suits watching my beach wedding?

Need more champagne….stat!!!

He’s already pissing me off

Do you think I should take another Xanax or just drink more champagne?

I hope it doesn’t rain!

My wedding is going to be so much better than her wedding…

Honey, please don’t drink too much at your bachelor party!

Do I look fat?

How do I cover up the suntan lines?

Can you just do what I’m telling you to do?

I hear a lot of “you’re pulling my vail”

Are you sure you want to go through with this, you can still back out

I’ll know it when I see it

Momma, I wish this night could last forever!

Mother to Bride – “Darling, it may be your wedding, but it’s my checkbook!”

Bride to Maid – “I look like a sofa in this dress!

Florist to Bride – “Do you have anything specific in mind for the groom?” Bride to Florist – “Who?”

Mom don’t cry, you are going to make me cry

Is it really this windy at the beach?

I’ve been dreaming of this day since I was a little girl. Let me show you my binder.

“Do you really think I need a wedding planner?” My inside voice is saying for the love of God, yes.

My vision is a simple yet elegant wedding and I am looking at a cash bar.

Please make sure my fiancé does not drink prior to the ceremony. He can get ugly.

What happens if I have to pee?

Keep my future mother in law away from me.

I need to get married very soon and by the way I am three months pregnant.

I want to get married as the sun is setting.

I am thinking of a black and white wedding. That’s still in, right?

I read in The Knot.

I don’t know what I like

If I get a pimple on my wedding day will shooting it with botox work?

The best man is a little weird

My fiancé doesn’t really listen

Will you hold my banana, I’m in the next photo

Lets not get too much food. I don’t want people to hang around for too long so we can enjoy our alone time after the wedding.

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