Lanolin Lowdown

I was intrigued when I found out that Scents of Wellbeing lotions use lanolin as a main ingredient. In recent years, with the increased popularity of vitamin D, I have been aware of lanolin because it is the most common raw material used to synthesize vitamin D3. I knew it had a history as a skincare ingredient, but didn’t really know the full story. I did a little homework and this is what I found.

Lanolin Benefits

It locks moisture into the skin and absorbs additional moisture from the air into the skin. Many look to petroleum jelly for these qualities but, as we know, petroleum jelly is not a natural product. Lanolin is a natural product, and it even has a lipid profile and molecular structure that is very close to human skin. Learn more here.

Lanolin Toxicity

If you have ever heard that lanolin is toxic, or unhealthy for the skin, there is a reason for that. In the 1960’s it became a very popular cosmetic ingredient. However, consumers were reporting a lot of allergic reactions to it, so it was eventually removed from the market. It is now known that it was not the lanolin itself that was causing the allergic reactions; it was the chemical residue from pesticide-laden farm practices that remained on the un-purified lanolin. These days, changes in farming practices providing high quality sources, as well as developments in processing and testing for purity, make the allergy issue an issue of the past.

Lanolin and Vegans

Lanolin is an animal by-product; it comes from the wool of sheepskin when shorn. Domesticated sheep need to be shorn, as they don’t shed their wool. If you are a strict vegan, then it may not be for you. If assured that the sheep are being shorn safely and humanely, and are thriving in an environment without pesticides in their feed or pasture, a vegan may feel comfortable using it.

High Quality Lanolin

When you do your due diligence (a main theme on this blog), you can find out where the wool is processed, making sure it is without cruelty to the animal and without the use of harsh solvents to clean the wool. This ensures that no solvent residue will remain in the lanolin.

Scents of Wellbeing Lotions

Available from Essential 3, the lotions come in Almond, Lavender, Cedarwood-Lemon, Lemongrass-Lavender, Orange-Vanilla, Rose Mint-Tea Tree, and Unscented. The main ingredients in all of the varieties are: Rice Bran Oil, Purified Water, Olive Oil, Lanolin, Vitamin E Oil, and Rosemary Seed Extract. The high quality essential oils are then added to create the above blends.

The uses described on the Essential 3 website include moisturizer, hair conditioner, and massage therapy. Although originally designed with massage therapists in mind, this lotion is great for personal use too.

I have been using the unscented and adding a few drops of some of my favorite E3 blends each time I use it. I especially love the lotion for my legs and arms. Although there is no oily residue, it does leave a nice sheen on the skin. You have to remember to shake the bottle before each use, because some separation does occur, however the consistency comes together nicely every time.

Scents of Wellbeing

Lanolin Lotion

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