Is bright yellow urine a true sign that you are flushing your vitamins down the toilet?

People who don’t know and love supplements like we do, love to claim that you are wasting your money taking them because they don’t get absorbed. The proof, they say, is the bright yellow urine you have when you take supplements. 
We are going to clear that up for you so that you have a tidbit of information you can share with the naysayers.

The debate about absorption of vitamins and minerals in supplement form will go on and on and could fill many posts. For the sake of this post, we will keep it short and say that if you are buying your supplements from a reputable supplement store, especially ones that put a strong emphasis on organics, and other very very pure products like body care, home care, and food items, absorption of the supplements they stock are not going to be an issue.

The bright yellow urine.

Tidbit: Urine generally turns bright yellow from vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Originally named vitamin G, in part for a special growth factor it contains, but also for it’s intense gold color. It is best known visually as the vitamin which imparts the orange color to solid B-vitamin preparations, and the unusual fluorescent-yellow color to the urine of persons who supplements with a B-complex or multi-vitamin preparation (no other vitamin imparts any color to urine).

The term biochemical individuality refers to any person’s unique nutritional requirements and it is different for each person. “Perfect” absorption of all of the nutrients in any given formula is unlikely. The idea is that your body uses the nutrients it needs and eliminates the rest that are water soluble.


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