In a workout rut? 6 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is more than an art form of dance, it’s a great workout. It may not be your first thought when it comes to getting a great workout but you should consider belly dancing as your next fitness endeavor. You will be surprised by the benefits!

6 reasons to try belly dancing now:

Low impact: Belly dancing is a great workout for those with joint problems or need a workout that is less harmful on their bodies. Think of belly dancing impact having the same as that of a yoga class, and this workout definitely works you out in places you didn’t even know you could.

Calming: Belly dancing is relaxing at the same time as getting a good workout. Typically classes are held in smaller rooms with less people, one instructor, softer music with a beat and dim lights.

Barefoot and casual: Who doesn’t love a workout that requires you to be barefoot? The barefoot workout makes you feel comfortable and at home. The attire suggested is comfy yoga-like pants, a sports bra and fitted top. You can show your midriff if you are comfortable but it is certainly not required. A helpful hint is to tie a long scarf around your hips to aid in your moves.

Arm workout: Belly dancing requires you to hold your arms up and out from your body while working on different abdominal moves. In the beginning your arms will become very tired and will find yourself wanting to give up. Push through it. Your arms will be toned in no time.

Abdominal workout: Not only are you working out your arms but your stomach muscles are being worked out without having to do those boring crunches and sit ups. Belly dancing is all about breathing and controlling your muscles. A lot of contracting and detracting moves are being used. It works out just about every muscle in your stomach area.

Don’t give up right away

Confidence builder: Belly dancing is a confidence builder. The dance is a sophisticated and sensual one that involves confidence. The first class or two you may feel silly, but look around you, everyone else is doing it. Remember the benefits and just have fun!

You can find belly-dancing classes in most cities, just perform an online search and figure out which studio and class is best for you. Classes will range from easy to hard, as a beginner start with the introductory course and work your way up. Do your research before choosing the right studio for you, read online reviews and make sure it’s the right fit. Stick with it and before you know it you will be an awesome belly dancer with toned arms and a firm stomach. Have fun and happy belly dancing!

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