If you need more energy, consider a daily dose of B vitamins & adrenal supportive herbs.

My patients ask me all the time, “I need more energy! What can I take for more energy?”

If only it were that simple.

I ask about their diet, their sleep habits, their water intake, their caffeine intake, their stress level, their exercise habits…about then is when their eyes start to cross. These are all major factors in how energized we feel throughout the day. However, there is some help in the supplement world. For people that need more energy on a regular basis, instead of taking “stimulant” herbs (like guarana), I put my patients on a good adrenal support supplement.

Why stimulants are not the answer

Consuming stimulants, like coffee or energy drinks, is like throwing gasoline on embers; you might get a little bit more life out of the fire, but it’s simply not sustainable (or a good quality fire!). Supporting the adrenal glands, however, is like adding new logs to the fire—a proper longer-term solution. To continue the campfire imagery, imagine B vitamins as kindling; B vitamins can help your cells unlock and properly utilize the energy within them. It’s all about sustainable, clean energy.

Post by Lauren
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