How to quit soda, sports drinks and coffee.

quit soda

A gradual transition is usually needed for eliminating soda, sports drinks, and coffee from your diet. But it is totally doable if you know where to start. Give yourself the chance to move away from those not so healthy drinks to ones that will actually support your health, rather than degrade it. Resolve to quit soda once and for all!

Why quit soda?

Caffeine, colors, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, fake sugars – all of the “junk” in sodas and alike, have to be “detoxified” out of your body after consuming them. These additives cause dehydration and inflammation at the cellular level. You may not notice the immediate impact these ingredients are having on your body, but long-term use can lead to detrimental health effects.

How to wean off “not so healthy” drinks.

Work down the list for each example, transitioning from worst to best (healthiest option at bottom of each list).

Diet Soda 
Regular Soda
Arnold Palmer – eventually, if not from the get go, ask for unsweet tea and lemonade when ordering out
* freshly brewed green or black tea with natural homemade lemonade would be optimal
* keep using less and less sugar in your lemonade mix, and/or keep the ratio of lemonade to tea low
* if it is the fizz of soda you like, then you sparkling water (ex; Perrier) when you make the lemonade
½ juice ½ water
*La Croix also makes a nice carbonated water with subtle flavor and zero sweetener, kids will usually drink this in place of soda or lemonade

Vitamin Water – work toward eventually diluting with ½ water
Coconut Water – with a squeeze of juice as needed
Make your own:
• 1 quart of liquid (options: green tea, herbal teas, coconut water, plain water, etc)
• 1/8 Himalayan (pink) Salt (Real Salt brand will work, as next option)
• 1/4 cup or more of juice (optional – grape, apple, lemon, lime, pineapple, etc)
• 1-2 TBSP sweetener optional Raw Organic Cane Sugar or Raw Honey

Coffee – hot or iced (for those of you drinking it all day long, time to make a switch)
Black Tea
Green Tea
Herbal Tea

A note about diet soda: The majority of people believe that diet soda is healthier than regular soda because the soda companies have marketed this to be true. Unfortunately for consumers, this is false. The higher chemical content in diet soda makes regular soda a better choice. The the negative affects of aspartame used in most diet sodas makes up approximately 75% of the negative reactions to food additives reported to the FDA.

Water additives to buy

If you want to continue spending $$ on sports drinks, you might as well get super high quality. Find most of these at your local health food store or online.

Vega – Electrolyte Hydrator
Vega – Pre Workout Energizer
Vega – Recovery Accelerator
Pure Essence Labs – Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus
Vibrant Health – Vibrant Cleanse
Herb Pharm – Peppermint Spirits
Matcha green tea powder (instant)
Rose water

Of course we have touched on this topic before, so if you are still not convinced, keep reading here.

If you have other suggestions that have worked for you that we can share with our readers, please let us know in the comments below.

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