How to detox from sugar

“How can I detox from sugar?” is a question many wellness professionals often hear these days. Chances are, just like most things that have to do with our health, when we realize we are out of balance, we want the “quick fix” to bring us back into balance. The problem is, the habits that brought us out of balance did not start over night, therefore, the quick fix is never a permanent solution.

Health for sale

Just like diet and exercise fads, detoxing from sugar has almost become trendy. Health and wellness companies will prey on people’s desire to “detox” with food, supplement and exercise programs that they will charge a lot of money for. Just like the diet programs that include pills and shakes, and the fitness programs that promise a beach body, if you can’t or won’t turn them into a lifestyle then you will repeat those same kinds of programs over and over again with no long-term results.

How to detox from sugar

STOP EATING SUGAR. Read this post and read this post.

Eat and drink lots of greens. Prepare large green vegetable salads, make a greens filled soup, use a greens powder and mix with plain water – no juice or sweeteners added, not even stevia.

Exercise. Even if it is low to moderate intensity everyday, set time aside to do only this! Every year we do the cardio challenge, we note how much we crave only healthy foods.

Drink plenty of water. Add freshly squeezed lemon or lime for flavor.

Get the sugar out of the house (and keep it out). Check the freezer and the back of the cupboards too. Read this post.

Alcohol and wine are sugar. Cut these out completely for now, add mixed drinks back in only for special occasions, and start drinking real wine that will be naturally no carb/sugar and lower alcohol.

Get to sleep! You need to be in bed for 6-8 hours straight. If you can’t sleep, stay in bed and read an actual print book, even if you have to read two books. DO NOT turn on TV, iPad, computer etc. Chronic sleep deprivation will cause your body to crave sugar.

If you follow these 7 rules you will minimize, if not eliminate any withdrawal symptoms like headache or lethargy.

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