How do you know when you can stop taking medication? Is this a surprising question?

I met a man the other day and we ended up talking about cholesterol. He told me that he has been on cholesterol medication for 10 years. I asked him what is levels were and said they were “normal”, and he couldn’t remember how high they were or why he was placed on the meds in the first place.

The question I asked next surprised him. Why do you think you are still on those pills? This never even crossed his mind. This led to a conversation about what would happen if he stopped taking them, and what he thought his doctor would say if he asked if he could go without them.

*Before you read on, in NO way am I telling anyone to stop taking his or her prescribed meds without the advice and supervision of a qualified health care professional. Stop taking medication only under the direction of your doctor.

The takeaway of that conversation is that it is obvious that many people have become complacent and oblivious about their own health care.

Who do you trust?

We put our trust in professionals assuming that we are always on their minds. We think that they are always looking out for our health’s best interest, treating people as whole beings with the potential to be healthy. Sadly, that is most likely not the case these days.

To be fair, the same conversation could apply to the supplement industry and alternative doctors and practitioners.

How many supplements are you taking? Why? Have you been taking the same handful from the same companies for the last 10 years? Are you taking a multi vitamin “just because”, and you pick that up when you do your monthly ‘big box store’ shopping trip?

Or how about that Chiropractic appointment you keep going to, and you don’t really know why?

You are in charge.

The point of all of this is to point out that YOU are in charge of your health. Don’t get complacent. Ask questions, assess what you are taking, do your homework, try new ways to get and stay healthy. There are many wonderful wellness professionals out there. Remember that if time and again you don’t get thorough answers to your questions, find someone new to help you.

Remember, health is wealth. Take the time and money to invest in it. Nothing is more important.

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