Holiday Health Essentials

Before you jump “all-in” to the holiday season, give yourself a fighting chance with some added nutritional support from our list of Holiday Health Essentials. As the New Year approaches, we spend less and less time taking care of ourselves, while we focus on others for the holidays. That isn’t always a bad thing. It is the reason for the season, but at what expense?

Usually, the bustle of the holidays leaves us with tapped out adrenal glands (read more about this here). Even if you “make it through” the season without getting sick, it usually catches up with you, and you end up spending a lot of time in the New Year rebuilding your health. Why not take a different approach this year by investing in your health before the madness begins, saving you time, money, and energy now, and in the New Year.

Holiday Health Essentials

B Complex – Stress, increased workload, shopping, parties, alcohol, and more sugar in your diet. These are all things that can zap B vitamins right out of the body, and we need those B’s to help combat the side effects of that overload.

Adrenal Support – If you are already taking a B Complex, or you are already under a lot of added stress due to work, family, and other responsibilities going into the busy holiday season, deep fatigue can set in more quickly. Before you even realize it’s your adrenal glands that are stressed out, you are trying to combat fatigue with more caffeine during the day and more wine at night. A good adrenal support formula taken before this cycle sets in is the way to go.

Metabolic Formula – We don’t believe in “diet pills”, but there are herbs and nutrients that have been proven safe for supporting the metabolic processes, keeping them functioning at their peak. Again, don’t start taking something like this January 1. Start today while you are ahead of the game.

Digestive Enzymes – This is a great thing to consider taking year round, but let’s face it, starting with Halloween, and ending New Years Day, we are eating more, more often, increasing our daily calories. We are also eating different types of food, things our digestive systems only come in contact with once a year. Help prevent indigestion, gas, bloating, and weight gain, by taking a digestive enzyme formula with each meal.

Vitamin D – It’s winter, we get less sun exposure, and our need for D during this time is so important for a healthy immune system.

Vitamin C – This is tried and true, but our favorite is Camu Camu Powder. Add to water and it tastes like lemon water. Camu is a fruit that is very high in C, but also high in B’s and amino acids. Camu is a balanced and holistic way to increase your C intake.

Medicinal Mushrooms – A good mushroom complex formula can give your adrenals some support, influence positive energy levels, and could be a key in keeping you from catching that nasty illness that everyone will inevitably pass around.

Holiday Health and Wellness is our wish for everyone! Happy Holidays!

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