Here is my personal view on the flu shot, and the world.

You can argue science showing evidence either way on anything. Ultimately, we live our lives based on our experiences, and the world around us. Each individual has core values about what is best for themselves, family, and society. We then hopefully add to the mix a non-biased ear from both sides, and then in the end, trust a whole lot on your gut/intuition, and YOUR common sense.

We make personal decisions about what we do to our life in many different areas daily via medical choices, food choices, religion, politics, and finances.

Vaccine or not, organic or not, catholic or atheist, democrat or republican, spend or save, vegan or eat meat. And the list goes on and on.

When things happen to us, good or bad, the best we can do in order to learn and grow is know that you can always choose differently next time, in hopes for a better/different outcome.

My personal values when it comes to health, is to build my health and live by the essence of the Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm”.

We are exposed to virus and bacteria and pathogens every second of the day, and I want my body to build a strong internal environment and defense system naturally that can fight off those bugs as needed.

Will I get sick, maybe, could I be “out for a week”, yes. But I would rather my body go through the process of handling that sickness, only to become stronger for it. There is always risk of serious infection and disease no matter what.

I do love super foods, herbs, enzymes, and supplements etc. for keeping healthy. But for me each of these categories have multiple health promoting functions, boosting total body health. And for the most part essentially just highly concentrated foods.

For the record, I don’t take lightly “injecting” anything directly into my blood stream. I would never even have a B12 shot for that reason. If I am in the hospital and need a shot of something to keep me alive, that is one thing, but shooting things into the body unnecessarily is not for me. I am not afraid of needles; it just doesn’t resonate with me.

My OWN common sense tells me when there is enough reported “bad” “unhealthy” “risk” “danger” “side effects” “complications” to make me feel uneasy, I just can’t do it. It seems silly to take a chance, when ultimately there is no guarantee you still won’t get sick with a flu or otherwise.

My intention is to keep talking, writing, and doing things that I believe build health. If someone finds something I say helpful to building their own health, no matter if they get the flu shot or not, or have a different belief system than me, that is a good thing.

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