Herbal Ice Cubes

Herbal ice cubes make a cool (pun intended) remedy for hot summer itches and scratches! Bug bites, poison ivy, hives and other allergic skin reactions can keep kids and adults up at night because of the constant discomfort. Kids especially will scratch an itch unconsciously as they are falling asleep, only to wake up the next morning with inflamed skin, not only from the reaction, but from the self inflicted scrapes which can potentially turn into an infection. A great bedtime tip for you to try is to apply herbal ice cubes.

How to make herbal ice cubes

Make a strong tea containing herbs like yellow dock and chickweed. These are fairly inexpensive herbs, and easy to find in your local health food stores in either loose leaf or tea bags. Pour your tea into ice cube trays, freeze, and voilà – you have a topical soothing remedy.

How to use and how they work

  1. Rub the herbal ice cube on the affected skin surface. Rub to tolerance. On a hot night this will feel great. The cold ice cube is numbing the nerve sensation, reducing the urge to scratch for the time being.
  2. You have chosen herbs that have blood purifying properties and soothing qualities. As the rush of warm blood comes back to the surface of the skin, the probability of the herbal nutrition permeating the skin increases, helping to speed healing!
  3. Retreat as needed depending on your tolerance, being mindful not to cause a freezer burn on the skin.

Keep in mind herbal ice cubes are a great facial beauty treatment to try, not to mention a perfect addition to cold summer drinks like lemonade, cocktails, or just pure water.

If you get bit by a lot of bugs that sting all at once, we have a great fire ant bite protocol that will help soothe and heal the skin, especially if applied immediately after being bit.

If you have bug bite or itchy skin remedies to share, please share them with us in the comments below.

Photo credit: Yellow Dock Root found on thymeandtimber.com and bulkherbstore.com

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