Guest Post: Hospice Care

In later years, many people experience a great number of medical problems that may ultimately lead to the need to face end-of-life issues. Although modern medicine has provided many advances in treatment, it often falls short in helping patients face end-of-life matters.

Hospice is a system of care that helps these individuals deal with medical, psychological, social and practical needs. The goal is to provide comfort for patients and their families at this time of life.

The essence of hospice care is teamwork. Your physician, nurses and other medical caregivers will provide compassionate, personalized care for each patient who is dealing with an illness that will end in death within a 6 to 12-month period.

What Can Hospice Service Provide?

A good hospice service will offer a variety of services that patients and their families may require, such as:

• Medical equipment to make home care possible
• Training to allow family members to aid in the patient’s care
• Adequate pain management
• Support for emotional and spiritual well-being
• Speech and physical therapy, when needed
• Counseling and support for family members
• Arrangement for in-patient care, when needed

Hospice services understand that medical treatment can only go so far. In some cases, the inevitability of death must be faced. At this time, patients cease to benefit from more aggressive treatment. Instead, they need a caring support team, in their homes, to help them prepare personally and practically for the end of their lives.

Special Services—Pet Care
Some innovative hospice services are beginning to understand that a patient’s well-being may mean more than just traditional services. Separation from beloved pets can mean additional emotional upset for those facing the end of life. A hospice service that provides dog walking, food and supplies, waste cleanup and other pet needs can be a significant help for these patients.

Hospice services have the knowledge and experience needed to provide the right kind of care for patients who are facing this unique period in their lives. If you or a loved one is facing a terminal illness, find out about the many hospice services that can help to ease this time of life.

Hospice workers from Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care and similar organizations can ensure that the patient remains comfortable and receives the palliative care they need, avoiding heroic medical efforts that extend physical life but inhibit quality of life.

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  1. Holly Anthony says:

    We lost my mother to brain cancer 4 years ago when my youngest son was 14. My mother and my son shared a strong bond. We were with her for the hours just before her death and a Hospice social worker came in and sat with us and talked with my son. She was so helpful and her words were kind and honest, I can not remember her name but I will never forget the comfort she provided to my son. We were privileged to be able to care for my mother in my home and it grew our family in strength and compassion. Hospice was there at every step along the way.

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