Grocery shop when you are hungry and you will make the best choices. (Did you read that right?) Yes!

The very first thing in our Wedding / Health Planner Series for 9-12 months out says this:
1. Every time you grocery shop from this day forward, shop the produce first and buy every color of the rainbow, every time. The health benefits are amazing. Notice these colors from nature, who knows, they may inspire your wedding colors!

Grocery shop when you are hungry?

Yes! Let’s look at a unique way to approach this shopping trip as a lifestyle.

Studies show, and the experts say, that you should not go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You are more apt to over purchase, not stick to your budget, and give into cravings, making less than healthy food choices. The given solutions – shop when you are not hungry, stressed, or with children.

We are going to offer another point of view, and something you might want to experiment with. Try shopping when you are hungry, and better yet, soon after a workout. This will help some of you make your best choices, and here is why.

I don’t know about you but when I am full, or not hungry, purchasing fruits and vegetables can sometimes be uninspiring, even for someone who loves fruits and veggies. When hungry, especially after a workout when the last thing I want to do is undo all of my hard work at the gym, spending time in the produce section is easy. It is easier to crave those vibrant foods.

2 Rules for shopping when you are hungry.

  1. Enjoy splurging and indulging on purchases in the produce section. Go for it, try new things, get your favorites, buy the rainbow, and stock up on specials. (But it has to be produce, not candy that the store has thrown into that department.)
  2. You can’t go into the other parts of the store without a list. Toilet paper, brown rice, birthday card – done.

If you have to shop with your kids, make them an active participant in picking out the fruits and veggies. Then if they are old enough, send them to get some of the other items on the list while you wrap up in produce.

Now you are in the car and starving right? So to prevent any low blood sugar decisions from happening like stopping at a drive through, make sure you have picked out something in produce that can be eaten right away like prewashed carrots, snap peas, or jicama. Set them aside so they don’t get packed at the bottom of the bag.

Let us know if you do this or try this, and how it works for you in the comments below.

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