Goji Water

I had forgotten how much I love goji water! I recently ended up with a surplus of goji berries, and didn’t want them to go to waste. I gave some to Michelle and she made raw, vegan goji berry bites, and I made goji water! As you may have guessed, goji water is easy to make, and the health benefits are outstanding!

Step 1

Goji water 1Drop about 4 oz of organic goji berries into a large pitcher of high quality water. We use Mountain Valley Spring Water. As soon as the water starts to turn a light red color, you can begin drinking this “tonic” water at anytime, just replace whatever amount of water you pour off.

Step 2

Goji water 2Let this mixture sit in the refrigerator and enjoy anytime. Drink it straight, or use as a smoothie base. The longer it sits, the darker the water gets. We like to say that the “goji” gets removed from the berry, and ends up in the water. The berries are still edible, and are still a good source of fiber, so consume those if you like. This image is about 10 hours after the image above.

Step 3

Goji water 3Drink often, and take it to go! This goji water is a great low-sugar pick me up. Awesome as a mid-day refresher, or for pre-workout hydration and energy! Goji berry is excellent for eye health, so sip away as you work those long hours in front of the computer! Enjoy goji water cold, room temperature, or as a hot tea.

You can find the organic goji berries we used here, and the lid for the mason jar here.


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