Giveaway: Holiday Music by The Blenders. Your collection is not complete until you own these.

Christmas Light Christmas Collection

Congratulations Erin M., Cynthia R., and Alisha T. Yep 3 winners were chosen instead of 2. Hurray! Thank you to all that entered! Merry Christmas and a Happy Heathy New Year to everyone!

We are back with a year-end Giveaway! This one is perfect for feeling great right through the end of the Holiday Season. Studies have shown time and time again that music can help heal, energize, boost immunity, and lift spirits. The positive effects of music can be just what you need to give you a boost and keep you going during stressful or busy times.

The Blenders have made Christmas and Holiday Music their specialty. Whether it is a classic Christmas carol, or an uptempo Holiday favorite, the special blend of their voices really gives people a lift.

No mater how much you listen to Christmas music, owning the Blender’s Christmas music is a must! Listen as you wrap gifts or bake cookies, during holiday parties, or in the car while traveling from store to store.

With this giveaway you will get every single Christmas/Holiday song they have recorded! You will receive the albums Christmas Light and Christmas Collection.

Enter to win by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. Let us know what you love about music during the holidays and why you would like to win. We will have 2 lucky winners of this giveaway. Entries need to be in by Monday the 16th. Tuesday morning the winners will be chosen, and music shipped out so you will have plenty of time to enjoy.

If you want to know some of the healthy tips The Blenders use to keep their voices strong, click here to read that post.

29 Responses to Giveaway: Holiday Music by The Blenders. Your collection is not complete until you own these.

  1. Brianna Zeis says:

    I have been following the blenders since they first started in Fargo at the Fargodome!! I only listen to the blenders holiday music and I love it because it reminds me of how Christmas used to be when I was a child and my family was all together. Also, their voices bring back a lot of memories of the good times I had going to their concerts.

  2. Alisha Trytten says:

    I love music during the holidays as it helps bring that extra cheer and there is nothing better than the Blenders Christmas music. Even though I attend their holiday concert yearly, I even arranged my leave from Iraq to come home for their concert, I still don’t own their CDs so I would love to win. I can’t wait to see them Sunday afternoon, so excited!!

  3. Brenna Davis says:

    We were at their first Christmas concert in Ottumwa, IA. We had already been following them for several years after being blown away by them at Corydon Old Settlers celebration. I have lost track as to how many shows we have been to but is harder now that we are 5-6 hours from Des Moines and the shows are often on a weekday.
    Their professional attitude/voices-that improve every year-draw you into the music. I am haunted, almost to tears, by We Three Kings. I do listen to other Christmas music but when I want peace, tranquility and awesome voices I choose The Blenders.
    We are blessed that they have continued their Christmas shows. Never can get enough of good performances.

  4. Tawnia says:

    I am going to see The Blenders in Fargo on the 19th. I’m so excited! I still haven’t found anyone to do my chores that evening, but if the cows have to bellow until I get back home, then that’s the way things will have to be, because I am not missing it! If we’re expecting a blizzard and I have to drive to Fargo the night before and sleep in a motel to avoid driving in the snow, and walk from across town because my car doesn’t start, and crawl the last half of the journey because I slipped on the ice and hurt my back, that’s no big deal, because I’m not missing it. Their music has helped pull me across some pretty tough days.

  5. Karen Harp says:

    We have loved and listed to ‘The Blenders’ since their inception. Their sound is like no other. We attend their holiday show each year as a special gift to our family and to commemorate our wedding anniversary as well. They uplift their audiences and usher in the joy of the season! Thank you ‘Blenders’ for sharing your gifts!

  6. Mark Swinford says:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the Holiday season or those Summer Sounds, the Blenders are on my everyday playlist.

  7. Nicki Leaf says:

    Christmas music is something I look forward to all year long. There’s just something special about how it can remind you of some many happy memories, how it can get you into the holiday spirit with just a few notes, and how it can create traditions that stay with you forever. I especially love the Blenders Christmas music not only because it is the best ever but also because they have a special place in my memories and traditions as well. My cousin/best friend and I have been going to see the Blenders since we were young girls. It’s been 17 years now and we still make sure to go together to their concert together. We both have kids now and love sharing their music with them as well. The Blenders are a huge part of my holidays and traditions and I would love to win their whole collection!

  8. Kathryn S. says:

    Born in Fargo, North Dakota many many years ago.
    Music Major, so I appreciate this remarkable talent every time I hear it.
    Drove 5 hours to hear The Blenders in Dallas with my husband and 2 teenagers.
    We all loved it. Got home in time for school the next day.
    THE BLENDERS are THE BEST. What musicians!
    We play your music all year ’round and the kids tease me about being a North Dakotan. Aunt Sue’s is a fav. Love your Christmas CD’s. Please come visit Texas soon.

  9. Heather H says:

    Nothing is better than putting on some Christmas music and doing baking with the kids! Gets everyone in the holiday spirit, makes everyone happy and joyful. The Blenders Christmas music has been a staple in our music collection for many years!

  10. Mary Garland says:

    How can you not love the Blenders?? Their harmony is contagious & will always make you smile, no matter what the season is!

  11. Cynthia Raschke says:

    I LOVE the Blenders! I saw them over a decade ago at the UWEC concert series where they played as the opener to the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas concert. They are what signals the start of Christmas to me when I hear my first Blenders tune. I have been out of the loop for a while and didn’t know about these two albums. I have the others and play them all season long. I love listening to music with the lights off and stare (and dream) at the Christmas tree and the beautiful snow outside.

  12. Brian Doucette says:

    I have been a fan since May 3rd 1993 when I first saw The Blenders open for Bobby Vee in Detroit Lakes, MN. The holidays are not complete without music my these amazing gentlemen. I would love to win some new music to share with my family.

  13. Laurie Wolf says:

    We listen to Blenders music when we drive around town to see the Christmas lights. Been doing that since our kids were in grade school and they are now ages 21 and 24. The Blenders are timeless.

  14. Denise from Savannah says:

    I have been listening to The Blenders for more than 10 years, and sharing their music with my friends. The Blenders are Christmas music to me, I can’t imagine a year without them. I keep saying I’m going to gift myself and travel from coastal Georgia to see them perform live one year. I’ve even offered to allow them to stay in my house if they’d play in my town, but alas, no go. This music would be a nice consolation prize though.


  15. Nancy Baltzley says:

    The holiday season would not be complete without The Blenders!

  16. Kathy follett says:

    The Follett Family loves the Blenders and we hope to win because it’s the only Christmas sound we all agree on! Pick us and keep the peace and harmony of the season in our family! Love you guys!

  17. Erin Morrison says:

    Christmas music always picks up my mood. I went to HS with Darren and Allan and have been a fan since the beginning. I haven’t been able to go to many of their concerts over the years, but my kids often sing along to the cd’s we have (Totally Whipped is our non-Christmas favorite). This year it would mean a lot to me to win since my oldest son just went to boot camp for the Navy and it will be the first Christmas without him! I know The Blenders will be a HUGE part in my “surviving” the holiday season without my son…

  18. Erika Haukedahl says:

    I’ve been following you since you first started at The Street Fair in Downtown Fargo. Doing your own lighting and technical work. I’ve missed one show since then. So 20 years or so! You are my Christmas present from my parents each year. You are the start of Christmas for me. You’re voices, harmonies, energy, and everything about you is you and your music. You love doing this and going to special areas for us. Christmas music is the Reason for the Season and talks about Our Lord for our Celebration. I have passed on CDs of yours to friends and they have all loved the music and have been impressed by your background!!

  19. Ann Ossanna says:

    Can’t wait to see the Blenders on Sunday. Their harmonies are the best and bring such joy. The music picks me up all year long. This is the 10th year of our annual family tradition. Countdown: 2 days!

  20. Jane stevens says:

    I have listened to the Blenders for years, first heard them at the cattle Congress! But to hear the classic Christmas music, a capella in a lot of the songs, their voices blending so closely, can give me chills. Love them!!! I actually start listening in November!!!

  21. Chrys McConnell says:

    We have been groupies of the Blenders since we first saw them at Valleyfair. Our very favorite Christmas music is anything by the Blenders. It is a tradition for us to attend their annual concert at The Pantages in Minneapolis. Keep on making music!

  22. marcia stubstad says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Fargo!!!

  23. Nancy says:

    From the Fargo street fairs to many different venues over the years, the Blenders always have a special place in my heart. You guys are the Best!

  24. Laura Engle says:

    I am counting down the days until I get to see you live in concert inFargo on Dec 21! I start listening to my Blender Christmas music in November and listen until after the New Year. Thank you guys so much, you are a favorite in my house for sure! And after the Holiday’s I always have the Folkers and my other fun Blender CD’s.

  25. Tracy Ginsky says:

    We have been following The Blenders since Valley Fair …many many Christmas’s later it’s been a tradition we’ve brought family & friends too .. It’s not a proper beginning to the Christmas season till I load in the first Blenders CD in crank it up …

  26. laurie douglas says:

    Holiday music fills my heart. Christmas carols are so pure and clean – just like virgin snow. My family had made it a tradition to kick off the REAL feeling of Christmas by going to your show in Minneapolis. Things are different now. Family has changed and made me feel down. I went to your opening night in Minneapolis alone and came out with a smile and song! Thank you for pulling me up! Every carol brings different memories – all of them good. Who can sing carols with a grumpy soul? No can do.

  27. Kirk Ripplinger says:

    I don’t know how long I have been listenoing to the Blenders… it’s got to go back to the early ’90s when I lived in Fargo. Celebrating the Christmas season isn’t complete without the Blenders!

  28. Kristen J says:

    As a musician, i LOVE performing at the holidays. This year our string quartet will be performing at our local Kohl’s, giving shoppers the opportunity to enjoy live music, and we’re giving the kids a chance to ‘conduct’ us. 😉 We’ll be performing popular christmas music.

    That’s what *i* love about music during theholidays–giving OTHER people the chance to enjoy it, doing what we love to do at the same time. 🙂

    Music is my life, and the holidays are no exception. ^_^

    Haha, also the 16th is my birthday, (I share it with Beethoven!!!! 😀 ) this would make an AMAZING bday gift. <3

  29. Erin says:

    I’d forgotten just how awesome this group was! Shame on me!! Being from the Fargo-Moorhead area I took in every chance I could see the perform. Moved by the memories and still love their rich sound. Only wish they’d have more performances!

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