Giveaway: Adrenal Support Essential Oil Blend by Essential 3. For circulation, vitality, and stress relief.

Congratulations Dawn A, Karen K, and Magdalena J, the 3 winners of this Giveaway! Remember everyone can get an ongoing 20% off on your Essential 3 order by using code SW2013 at checkout on the Essential 3 site.

Our blog, Society Wellness, is full of info directly and indirectly related to the health of our adrenal glands. Today’s modern lifestyle is a direct hit to these precious glands, and if they can’t keep up, you may find yourself in a health slump that takes a while to recover from.

We have talked about food, herbs, supplements, bodywork, and daily stress reduction tips; to help support, nourish and feed the health of these glands. So far there has been a missing piece – support in the form of essential oils.

Essential Oils represent a tool in the tool kit for natural health. Some of you “get it”, things we put on our skin, go into our bodies. Some of you still perceive your skin as a barrier that doesn’t have the ability to utilize or metabolize nutrients we put on topically. Most of you have heard of aromatherapy, and probably agree that the smell of something can have an effect on how we feel at the very basic level.

But the point of this post is to start to introduce you to this awesome company Essential 3, and their awesome Adrenal Support blend. It can be hard to find companies that are not all smoke and mirrors. When you learn to ask the right questions, layers of marketing can usually be peeled back to reveal something you are not too excited about anymore. This is not the case with E3, simply put, they do everything for the right reason. And when it is something like precious essential oils, that have such a huge impact on the environment, societies, and our health, you want everything done right.

The amount of time of in depth education the staff of E3 puts into their companies products, especially caught our attention.

Ok back to Adrenal Support – we are so excited about this giveaway! The insert in the box says that it is a blend designed to stimulate circulation to the adrenal glands, revitalize, and relieve the stress that can lead to burn out (also known as adrenal exhaustion)……. PERFECT!

As with all essential oils there are MANY ways they can be used.
As part of shower or bath rituals, massage, and inhalation are probably the 3 most common. And those are exactly the 3 things I have been doing.

  1. Right out of bath or shower while skin still wet, 1-3 drops in one hand, rub hands together and start at the area of the kidneys on the back (adrenal glands sit atop each kidney) and then quickly spread over rest of large surface areas of body.
  2. Mid day – maybe if I am changing clothes to go to the gym or out to dinner or getting ready for bed, put 1-3 drops in one hand with a bit of unscented natural body lotion or oil and just focus mainly on the kidney area of the back.
  3. And anytime during the day that I am home and the bottle is nearby and I can just open it up and take a deep breath.

The best way I can describe the smell is that it is powerful. Not in the “that’s too strong/unpleasant” connotation, but like you are inhaling real power, energy and support. The scent is more masculine than feminine, if I had to pick between the two, but not in off putting way for female use. And folks don’t worry, not all essential oils smell like patchouli – so you don’t have to worry that you will smell like a “hippy”.

I love this blend and now “crave it” whenever I feel the stress creeping on. And it feels so good and healthy to have a scent on that is so pure and clean. It is now officially a tool in my tool kit.

If you want to give this oil blend a try. Let us know why in the comment section below. We will have 3 lucky winners!!

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13 Responses to Giveaway: Adrenal Support Essential Oil Blend by Essential 3. For circulation, vitality, and stress relief.

  1. Magdalena says:

    In today’s society with stress probably being one of the number one components in Dis-ease, I think we all need to have tools to help us overcome combating stress and the rise of Cortisol Levels. What better way to combat it through Therapeutic Essential Oils. The scents alone will have a dramatic effect on ones physiology and mental states. If we add this with meditative, relaxation techniques and proper breathing one would have a powerhouse to combat any stress related symptoms. I would love to see myself breathing in the therapeutic oil blend washing away any stress related symptoms I may hold.

  2. Rachel Barwick says:

    Love, love, love essential oils. Been trying to kick start my adrenal glands

  3. Sue Dwiggins says:

    Wow, great to see this review I carry Adrenal Blend in the store, Nature’s Pure Essentials in Raleigh, NC. I personally put 5 drops in a palmful of lotion and rub it on my back.

  4. Chris says:

    E3 produces exquisite, top quality Synergy blends. The Adrenal Support Blend is both calming and invigorating. A sensory treat and highly recommended!

  5. So many people have no idea how to find pure essential oils much less how to use it when they do locate one that I am delighted to see this article touches on this important subject. Keeping the adrenals open is so important that having an essential oil to assist with the process is wonderful, and knowing that there is a reputable company to provide the oil is a bonus. Thanks for the educational article.

  6. Meredith says:

    I am so in love with E3 and would LOVE to try this blend I’m working on balancing my adrenals and strengthening my body~ I am happy to know it exists! I use them with my massage clients too 🙂
    <3 flying high

  7. Marge says:

    I have spent the last two years designing ad building a new home–along with moving in and the routines I like for my family and community connections I am feeling a bit overwhelmed!! All wonderful, but a super busy time in my life—my adrenals may be feeling the stress! I love the other oils and blends I have gotten from E3–so I am looking forward to trying this one out as well!

  8. First of all I love Essential 3, they have wonderful products of the highest qualities! Second I loved this blog because it was a great reminder that we need to love your selves too. As a massage and aroma therapist its so natural to give all of our energy to our clients and forget to give some to ourselves! Adrenal support is a perfect way to do that.

  9. karen says:

    What a wonderful easy way to be kind to my adrenals! I’ve definitely been looking to increase my energy which has been fading these days, perhaps menopause, perhaps age yet I just believe there are “soothing” answers like this one.

    Plus Caryn, Ms Essential 3, is just the best!

  10. Aimee says:

    I may’ve already missed being one of the winners.
    I’ve tried a sample of E3’s Black Spruce oil, of which the Adrenal Blend has.
    And I have to say the Black Spruce oil is simply uplifting!! It does seem to energize a bit more. So I can only say the BS blended with the other oils in the Adrenal blend must be amazing. I would like to try this blend in lieu of recent medical testing and how emotionally/physically exhaustive this has been. Caryn was kind to send a sample of Black Spruce for some support. Bless her and E3 oils!!

  11. Dawn says:

    I’d love to win this essential oil. I’ve used adrenal supplements in the past. I’m intrigued to try something topically.

  12. Lakita says:

    Hi everyone, if you have tried to order e3 Adrenal Blend with the 20% discount you will have seen a message that the code was no longer valid. We had a glitch on our web site and apologize for the inconvenience. The good news is the CODE SW2013 is now working. :0)

  13. Emily Mahr says:

    I would love to try this to help relieve some of my stress and anxiety. I’m planning my wedding and I find that all the decisions that need to be made are stressing me out which, in turn, is making me less productive, not happy, and with little energy. I need help to get through the next few months and down the aisle.

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