Get your potassium from food and super foods, it is easy! You shouldn’t need a supplement.

If you have been following us for a while now, you know we love supplements. Huge fans! But, as much as we love supplements, we always look to food first, then super foods and herbs, and then to high quality vitamins and minerals when needed. Potassium sits on the supplement shelf for purchase, but this a mineral you should easily be able to get from food, or super food concentrates.


The federally sanctioned Daily Reference Value for potassium is 3500 mg per day (sodium is 2400 mg). However, you will often see no more than 99 mg of potassium in tableted or encapsulated dietary supplements because the FDA wants to protect consumers from ingesting too much synthetic potassium chloride or other forms, that can be extremely caustic, and damage the gastrointestinal lining if taken in a high dose.


Potassium obtained from food is an entirely different matter. It is the one primary nutrient in plants that has, curiously enough, not decreased in potency over the decades as other nutrients have. Plant foods still serve as an excellent source for potassium. Potassium that is present in products like greens powders and super food concentrates, are entirely natural (unless otherwise listed and when in doubt contact the company). This non-caustic potassium is segregated in natural compounds joined to proteins, polyphenols and carbohydrates as found in nature. Potassium is a mineral that, like boron, is not stored in the body. Both potassium and boron cycle in and out rather rapidly.

Potassium and Sodium Balance

Sodium, on the other hand, was a scarce mineral during the time our biochemistries were adapting to the foods around us over the past several million years. As a result, the human body developed the ability to retain sodium. (Sodium and potassium are both required for the proper functioning of nerves.)

Today, sodium is abundant in processed and prepared foods. At the same time, humans consume nowhere near the amount of vegetables that they did over past millennia, therefore most are not obtaining optimal levels of potassium. Keeping a healthy mineral balance is key to optimal health. Disease states start to set in when sodium is high, and potassium is low, at the cellular level.

Make sure to eat greens, juice greens, and use your green super food powders. Drink high quality coconut water. Also include foods like beans, potatoes, squash, dried fruit, avocado, mushrooms, and bananas, in your weekly menus. Pay attention to protein intake as well, too much protein in your system can negatively impact your mineral balance.

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2 Responses to Get your potassium from food and super foods, it is easy! You shouldn’t need a supplement.

  1. Joshua says:

    Which superfoods do you recommend for daily use?

    • Melanie says:

      Great question. At the top of our list would be Goji Berries, a green combo that would include Spirulina and Chlorella, Maca, and Sea buckthorn and/or Acai.

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