Get a healthy face lift with acupuncture.

Let’s face it: plastic surgery is pricey, risky, and a face lift can leave you looking less “I am so relaxed!” and more “I am constantly surprised!” There’s an easier, safer way to look and feel like a healthier, more refreshed you.

A lot of folks know about acupuncture’s stellar effect on pain; some people even know that acupuncture is fantastic for pain, digestive upset, difficult menstruation and menopause, and mood fluctuations.

However, it’s no secret that acupuncture works wonders for facial rejuvenation, creating a natural healthy face lift. While there are several methods of cosmetic acupuncture, they all work on similar principles. When tiny, sterile acupuncture pins are placed in key acupuncture points on the face, they can activate “motor” points—the points where your nerves tell your muscles to tighten or slacken.

If muscles are “stuck” either too tightly or too loosely, it can create unwanted lines and crevices. In addition to working the motor points, the stimulation of needles in the dermal layer of the skin spurs the body’s own collagen and elastin production. To top it off, it promotes blood, lymph, and energy (qi) circulation, creating a healthy glow unlike any other procedure.

A typical protocol is 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks, and my favorite part is that you can’t help but feel better afterwards. All of the major acupuncture channels run across the face, so by working on the face, we are also working on bringing the rest of the body into balance. This can look like increased energy, deeper sleep, balanced hormones, and a generally better outlook.

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3 Responses to Get a healthy face lift with acupuncture.

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  2. Maryl says:

    This sounds fascinating. Two questions: did it hurt and how long do the effects last or asked another way how frequently do you need to repeat?

    • Melanie says:

      Does not hurt at all. (Maybe an occasional prick might be felt if a spot is sensitive, I have had facials that have been 100x more uncomfortable.) I did the first full protocol about 3 years ago, then did a few up-keep sessions the following year. I have not done it since. I would personally want to do the full protocol again in the next couple of years. I’m sure the disclaimer is results may very, and every one is different, and talk with the physician, but I would think if you did it every 5 years or so it would really keep you feeling and looking your best!

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