How to get fit for summer? Cardio!

Do you have a big event this summer and you want to look and feel your best? Whether it is a wedding, 4th of July party, family reunion, high school reunion, or you have been slacking on your fitness routine, do a cardio challenge to get yourself ready.

The best way to look and feel great in 13 days

Why do a 14 day juice cleanse or detox that leaves you with less than optimal energy to exercise, and sucks the fun out of summer.  Try 13 days of cardiovascular exercise instead. Find out how in this post. Chances are you are going to feel better, hold on to results gained longer, and naturally eat healthier after you have accomplished the first couple of days of the cardio challenge. If you want to turn the cardio challenge into a cleanse as well, consider making it a lifestyle with our Every Day Cleanse philosophy, then you have best of both worlds.

Let us know what your motivation is in the comments below.

Photo credit: – Alisandra

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