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Fit Bottle

We are excited to announce TWO winners! Rust and Jill both left comments regarding significant outdoor plans, and Fit Bottles are the perfect companions for hiking and camping! Thank you to all that entered!

What if you could safely drink the water anywhere in the world, and you had the power to do that in the palm of your hand? That would be awesome, right? Now you can! We are excited to introduce you to Fit Bottle. Enter to win one in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

Imagine yourself in the following scenarios

You bring your empty Fit Bottle through airport security, and then fill the bottle with cold water from a bathroom faucet. You now have clean, pure water to drink on the plane, and you did not have to spend a dime. Whether you are traveling domestically and it saves you money on the road, or internationally, where safe drinking water can be hard to come by, the numerous ways that Fit Bottle will change your travel experiences, makes it worth having one!

Imagine yourself on the golf course, the tennis court, or at the gym. Why keep wasting your money buying bottled water, when you can just refill your Fit Bottle with any free water source nearby and you will feel confident that it is safe and pure.

How about sending your child off to camp or school with a Fit Bottle and the peace of mind you will have knowing your baby is always drinking pure, clean water.

Fit Bottle stops plastic water bottles from going to landfills

The positive impact Fit Bottle has on the environment is obvious. The amount of bottled water we consume in the US is staggering, and the thousands of bottles that get thrown in the trash every second of the day is mind blowing. Fit Bottle is a chance for you to reduce your bottled water consumption even further.

The amazing filter in Fit Bottle

Fit Bottle utilizes the new standard in filter bottle technology. The Active-Flo surface is made up of tiny pores created using nano-technology that blocks harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses and suspended particles. The nano alumina emits a positive charge when wet and attracts the negative charged contaminants of protozoa, bacteria and viruses. You can find a detailed list of metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens the Activ-Flo filter will address here.

Fit Bottle Filter

The Active-Flo filter is unlike carbon block or charcoal filters currently on the market. Yes, those will filter chlorine and some heavy metals, but not fluoride or pathogens. They improve the taste of water without properly filtering out any of the more serious contaminants that can get into water supplies from time to time.

The Fit Bottle includes an Active-Flo filter, and after 3 months or 40 gallons of water you’ll want to replace it. Fit Bottle is a 20 oz bottle. There are 5120 ounces in 40 gallons, so that means you will reach 40 gallon usage after using the Fit Bottle 256 times. You can purchase them as needed, or sign up for the auto ship program that will send you a new one every 3 months. The guys at Fit Bottle are currently working on an App that will help you track your usage as well.


Fit Bottle is BPA free and safe in the dishwasher on the top shelf, but make sure to remove the filter first. Keeping the lid/cap clean is very important. Be especially careful when filtering questionable water that you do not let it come into contact with the built-in straw at the top of the cap until the water has been in contact with the filter.

Are there downsides of Fit Bottle? There are just a few minor issues, in my opinion.

  • The next generation of bottles will have a “fill-line”. Right now the first few times you fill the bottle with water it is a bit of a guessing game. If you put in too much it will over flow, too little, and the water doesn’t reach the filter to begin with.
  • Although there is no squeezing required to dispense the water, it does require a pretty strong “suck” by the user. This “suck” is important, however. It is the water passing through the filter via sucking out the straw that completely purifies the water entering your mouth. If it seems especially difficult, check to see that the holes in the filter cover are aligned with the holes on the filter.
  • Sometimes I like to add things to my water like electrolytes and minerals, or powdered super foods. Sorry, you shouldn’t do this with the Fit Bottle. Anything you put into the water would essentially be filtered out.

The first time I tried my Fit Bottle, it was with tap water in an industrial building. It was the kind of tap water you can smell coming out of the faucet, so you know it doesn’t taste good, and is probably not good for you either. Fit Bottle worked! The water was tasteless and odorless!

Fit Bottle workout

Let us know why you want to win a Fit Bottle in the comments below, and you will be automatically entered to win. One lucky winner will be chosen.

9 Responses to Fit Bottle Giveaway

  1. Jim says:

    This is an awesome product!

  2. Rust says:

    My daughter, the avid outdoorswoman, hiker, kayaker, white water raft guide, would benefit greatly from this fit-bottle. I suspect much of her outdoor water consumption is less than optimal (ie: her mom wouldn’t be happy about it!) Thanks for the introduction and the giveaway!

  3. BriAnna Nicole says:

    What a wonderful product and giveaway! i’d love to own one of these because who wouldn’t? haha but really i have quite a few chronic illnesses and water is an important part of my day (anybody’s day!) but especially due to my health. thanks so much for the opportunity!

  4. Vera Khule says:

    What a great product – good water more readily available. I love it.

  5. Kelli Oster says:

    This is brilliant!! Would love to try one!

  6. Jill Bromenschenkel says:

    I’m moving to the mountains and these would be perfect for many reasons ! 1. We port out our trash and recycling so this would cut down on plastic bottles ( not that I buy them that much but still…) and 2. They would be good to have on hand and/or take camping to make sure our water is safe to drink !

  7. Julie says:

    Simply amazing!

  8. Cassidy says:

    Its the perfect workout bottle! I’m always worried that the water fountains I stop at on my campus jogs might not be clean or filtered enough.

  9. sher says:

    the airport scenario makes it sound really convenient

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