Find out why I don’t have cellulite, and how you might be able to prevent it, or get rid of it.

I know I might create some female haters for this post. I am not sure at what age cellulite is still reversible, if at all, so maybe this post is aimed at the young 20’s lovelies out there that care, fear, or feel like they are doomed to have cellulite and want to try to prevent it. Regardless, these are healthy things to do no matter what your motivation, so I wanted to share.

Intermittent Fasting

When I saw this post by Mercola (April 2013), I have to say from personal experience; he is “spot” on with this info!

I luckily found my passion for alternative health, supplements, and the natural foods industry as a teenager, and this meant a lot of self-study and reading long before actually being able to immerse myself in this kind of field.

Little did I know, the techniques I was practicing and implementing early on, would keep me cellulite free.

I have been intermittent fasting (December 2013) as a lifestyle since reading Fit For Life in 1989, which was published in 1985. Harvey Diamond did not call it that, but that is exactly what his food combining and eating schedule promoted. Since this is the #1 thing I HAVE been consistent with for over 20 years, I believe this is the key reason why I am cellulite free.


One of my roommates just out of high school always bounced on a mini trampoline for exercise. I thought it was weird at first, and she didn’t eat particularly healthfully, but always had great skin tone. After researching rebounding a few years later, I made the connection, and implemented the practice on and off the rest of my life. These days I do it more than ever. I even did a continuing education class and was certified as an Urban Rebounding instructor. I love how it makes me feel. It is a great workout in a short amount of time, and the research on the benefits to the immune system and lymph system is enough reason for me to stick with it.

Acceleration Training (March 2011) is still relatively new, I have done it a few times, and not only does it feel like you are shaking away the cellulite, but there is some science to back up why that is actually happening. It has to do with the fountain of youth hormone most people have heard of at least once called HGH.

Honestly, I don’t care much about cellulite. Am I happy I don’t have it? Sure! I am a female that can get caught up in external beauty and style just like any other. But I don’t pay attention to it on others, and when I happen to see it on someone I don’t think anything of it.

You could also argue that I don’t have it since I have not had kids, I have exercised regularly my whole life, or there is a genetic component that plays a part. This could be true, as much as it could be true that the things in Mercola’s posts that I have been doing are no coincidence either.

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