Everyday Cleanse Series: Planning a cleanse stressing you out? Skip it and detox everyday instead.

Your friends and yoga teacher are doing it, your co-worker is pounding juices all day, and your favorite blogger is promoting a system. Is the feeling like you should “do a cleanse” looming over your head? What is stopping you?

“The idea of preparing for it keeps stressing me out so I keep putting it off”, is the most common reason people give. Even if you plan to order a pre-made cleanse and don’t have to shop for any of the ingredients, you still have to “plan” for how this is going to fit into your schedule of work, play, working out – you know, everyday life.

Never think about planning a cleanse again.

Here is one part of the solution we are calling the “Everyday Cleanse” for you to try. It will make it so you never have to feel like you should “do a cleanse” again. You can start this tonight with little to no pre planning. Here it is: Stop consuming food by 8:00 p.m. When you wake in the morning, for most of us somewhere between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m., you will have fasted between 9-13 hours!

Now check this out – the word “breakfast” = break+fast! “To break the fast”! Has this ever occurred to you? If you have ever read any classic text on fasting, you know the most important part of a fast is how you break it. If you were to go on a 5 day juice cleanse/fast, and then on day 6 go back to your normal eating and drinking habits, you are probably doing more harm than good! This is very hard on your body! Fasting for 9-13 hours while you sleep and then having eggs, bacon, toast, bagel & cream cheese, or pastries from a classic cleansing/fasting perspective, may not be the best choice for starting the day.

Other posts in this everyday cleanse series, will provide you with more tips and info about eating late at night and what to eat for breakfast to follow this philosophy. But don’t delay, start this tonight and think about light, easy to digest foods for tomorrow morning.

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