Everyday Cleanse Series: 15 Lifestyle Changes to make today so you are detoxing all of the time.

We will break all of these tips down in future posts, but if you truly commit to these lifestyle changes to the best of your knowledge today, you will be well on your way to cleansing everyday. The need for regular participation in harsh, strict, questionable or stressful cleanses or detox diets can be eliminated.

15 Lifestyle Changes

1. Take your B vitamins.

2. Eat mostly organic foods.

3. Exercise. Jump on a mini trampoline for extra cell and lymph detox.

4. Eat whole foods. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake = increased fiber.

5. Consume fewer animal foods. Purchase only free range, farm raised without hormones or antibiotics.

6. Don’t smoke.

7. Stop daily alcohol consumption.

8. Stay away from processed foods.

9. Use natural household cleaners.

10. Optimize your elimination channels – sweat, breath, urine, bowel

11. Go barefoot outside or get grounded.

12. Replace your makeup and body care with natural and organic products. Shop makeup that is 100% Pure – no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. Click Here!

13. Eat foods raw, or lightly steamed.

14. Take supplements that contain chlorella and spirulina.

15. Drink pure, clean water from a glass container. Put filters on shower heads and all faucets.

Let us know when you have implemented all 15 changes into your life consistently. If you are already doing these, share this post with others to help get them started!

Photo credit: aboutchinesefood.com

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