Electricity and Healing

Electricity has been used in medicine since the days of the Romans. Electric torpedo fish were used for pain relief. Later, the electrostatic violet ray invented by Nikola Tesla, took the place of the fish. Nikola Tesla was the great genius who observed that high frequency electricity had significant benefits for health.

High Frequency Healing

If the body is imbalanced and the tissues and organs are exposed to electric high frequency currents, it becomes adjusted or rebalanced. The movement of the cells caused by the electricity tends to ease fibrotic cohesions between the cells. This happens both inside and outside the cell’s liquid cytoplasm since bodily fluids are mainly mineral ions like potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium in water.

The exposure of electric high frequency current helps to nutrify and alkalize the body while increasing fluidity of the lymphatic system, allowing for better detoxification.
Other benefits may include:

  • Increase in muscle cell activity
  • Improved bone health
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Enhanced red and white blood cell health
  • Total body healing power improved
  • Regulatory balance of the nerves and endocrine system

Electrostatic treatment can improve nutrition and metabolic organization encouraging quick wound healing.

Ozone or oxygen atoms released from an electrode creates additional benefits like purification and sterilization of the surrounding tissues and organs.

Tissues of the body that are injured have a higher electrical resistance than surrounding tissue due to the elements of inflammation. The reduction in electrical flow through an injured area is one factor that interferes with healing. Applying electrotherapy will accelerate the flow of healing bio-currents through the injured or damaged tissue.

Let’s go deeper

We write about the importance of minerals and the fact that the body is an electrical machine. The heart muscle alone is a study in currents and pacemaker cells.

Electrically delivered medication? Iontotherapy is the electrically forced penetration of mineral ions and medicaments (herbal compounds) into the skin, bypassing the digestive tract and portal system of the liver. Both the digestive system and liver can block, reduce, or modify, the effectiveness of oral medication.

Did you know that hydrochloric acid in the stomach is the body’s only natural mineral acid? This actually makes digestion an electrical phenomena, requiring ongoing electrical balance and rebalancing for optimum health.

Where can you find electrotherapy so you can start reaping some of the healing benefits? Ask your favorite practitioners! Acupuncturists, physical therapists, estheticians, massage therapists or anyone who offers body work or alternative healing therapies may be implementing electrotherapy into their practice.

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