Cranberries and Banana Smoothie

I like to use cranberries in smoothies year-round. Cranberries inhibit the ability of E. coli bacteria to adhere to the linings of the urinary tract, but have benefits that go far beyond urinary tract health. Cranberries contain a powerful cocktail of antioxidants supporting cardiovascular health, tissue repair, anti-aging, and healthy inflammatory responses. They are full of polyphenols, organic acids, vitamins and minerals as well.

Between the Cranberries, Camu Camu, and Green Vibrance, you have deep, full-spectrum antioxidant support in this smoothie!!

Smoothie Recipe:

1/4 cup frozen Organic Whole Cranberries

1/2 frozen Organic Banana

8 oz Almond Milk

1 serving Green Vibrance

1 serving Plant Fusion plant based protein

1 serving Super Natural Calcium (hydrillia verticulata)

1 serving Camu Camu powder

Combine ingredients in a Blender or Vitamix, and enjoy in good health!


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