Consume a rainbow of colors for optimal health. But, they have to come from real food!

My husband recently came home from the golf course with a topic for a blog post! When the cart girl was making her rounds offering drink choices mid-way through the game, one of his golf buddies asked for a Gatorade, and her response was “what color?”.

Consume a rainbow of colors?

I think this was a moment that defines our society’s state of health today. She did not ask what flavor – blueberry, orange, lime, or cherry, etc. – because I guess we are so disconnected from the fact that what we put in our mouth should be real food, or supportive to our health.

The takeaway

Try to remember to stop and take a moment to think about what you are about to consume. Don’t just react the way we have been conditioned to, making decisions always on autopilot.
Natural colors
Do make sure to consume a rainbow of colors. This gives you one of your best chances for optimal health. The only condition is that they have to come from real food, not unnatural food coloring and chemicals.

Gatorade alternatives

I started a Pinterest Board for consuming electrolytes. But when in doubt, just choose water. Bringing your own water with your own additives to your workout or your golf game, is definitely the healthiest option!

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