Cold sore remedies found at the health food store

If you are prone to the dreaded cold sore, below is a shopping list of supplements you may want to look into that can really help discourage the appearance, and/or support the disappearance of them. These supplements can be taken all year long or as needed seasonally.

Supplements for a Cold Sore

Gigartina is a Red Marine Algae complex in capsule form for the prevention and/or onset of a cold sore. An ointment is also available for topical use.

The amino acid L-Lysine is available in capsules, tablets, and sometimes liquid form. Some companies make L-Lysine as an ointment, but taken internally for prevention seems to work best for most people.

B Complex is important because of the relationship cold sores have with stress.

Dr. Ohira’s probiotic capsules can be chewed, and when broken open it can be rubbed topically directly onto the cold sore.

Another topical remedy that was probably your great-grandparents favorite is iodine.

Other nutrients taken internally that you must look into, especially if the occurrence of cold sores is a chronic problem for you are: Elderberry, Agarikon Mushroom, and Proteolytic Enzymes.

This is a really safe list of nutrients but always consult with your qualified healthcare professional first.

Do you have natural remedies for a cold sore you would like to share? Please share in the comment section below.

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