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6 Reasons to go the Extra Mile to support your Adrenal Health before, during, and after traveling.

Whether it is a trip for business, pleasure, or both, many times we return from the trip and feel like we need a vacation! I want to do everything possible to minimize, or better yet eliminate that feeling. You may not have thought about the connection between travel and stress, or realize that you could support your adrenal health for the purpose of traveling.



Wedding Wellness Question? Did you or will you workout on your wedding day? Why, when, & how?

We can see both sides of the story. For some of you, adding a workout to your wedding day will be the most routine thing you do on the big day. You will find value and calm by making sure you have time for a workout. Many of you know the workout high will also keep you coasting throughout the day.



10 Steps to a Healthy Body and Mind on your Wedding Day.

1. Take your supplements – Use a B complex for energy, beautiful skin, and healthy metabolism. B’s get depleted easily when you are busy multitasking. Additionally, adrenal support supplements can help you feel calm and refreshed, inhibiting fatigue and tension as to-do lists grow!

2. Exercise – Exercising will help you get toned up for the big day, plus it’s a great stress reliever. Find something that you enjoy that will keep you motivated – cross train and explore new activities. When all else fails, something you can easily do everyday, no matter what – power walk!

3. Drink a lot of water -This is the beauty secret you always hear about because it works! Being properly hydrated makes you look & feel so much better and can help calm hunger sensations. Try water with fruit and citrus for a nice variety and antioxidant boost!



Go barefoot at your wedding!

How to go barefoot and still be wedding day appropriate.

  • Make sure to get a special pedi for you and your husband to be….if one is forgoing shoes, you both should. Your honey’s toes should look wedding day ready as well.
  • If your guests have the option to go barefoot as well you’ll want to provide a shoe valet station where they can sit and take off their shoes. Providing somewhere to store or keep their shoes is important as well.
  • I love offering dry paint brushes in cute pails to your guests after the ceremony. They can dust off their toes and slip their shoes back on for the rest of the festivities.
  • Make sure guests are aware they are attending a ceremony on the beach. You want to make sure they feel comfortable with their attire if they will be on sand part of the time.
  • For brides, jewelry designers have come up with some beautiful designs to wear on your feet. Something pretty to dress up the barefoot look!

Why should you go barefoot at your wedding?

The science behind the health benefits:

Many people notice that they feel better when they walk barefoot on the Earth. Such contact is known as Earthing or grounding. Recent research has explained why this happens.

Our immune and circulatory systems function optimally when our bodies have an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. Research indicates that electrons from the Earth have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that may help prevent chronic disease, the diseases of aging, and the aging process itself.

A variety of measures of physiological stress have been used to show that the person who is grounded is less stressed and more relaxed. It has been suggested that the modern epidemic of chronic and stress-related diseases began when the leather that was used to make the soles of shoes was replaced with rubber and plastics. When leather becomes moist, as a result of perspiration from the feet, a channel of conductivity for electron flow is created between the Earth and the feet. Rubber and plastics are electrical insulators and therefore block the beneficial flow of electrons from the Earth to our bodies.

Finally, research in the field of biomechanics show that many foot and back problems are partly caused by stresses and strains created by wearing shoes, which force us to stand and move in ways the human body was not designed for.

To have a barefoot wedding, follow Nicole’s tips and then reap the extra good energy that will be flowing during the ceremony because you are grounded, especially if  the people around you are too. Keep in mind that human touch is even more powerful when grounded so embrace this healthy wedding day option to start your marriage off on the right foot!

The information about being grounded courtesy of the Earthing Institute

Article and video by Dr. Mercola on this subject.

Barefoot wedding tips from wedding planner Nicole.



Beauty sleep! 10 tips to help you achieve healthful sleep from Wedding Planner Nicole.

I often hear so many of my brides and friends have a hard time sleeping. I have some tips to share on how to break your pattern of not sleeping well. Stress and life changes can really affect your sleep, and very quickly your body can get into a pattern of not sleeping well.



Aromatherapy for clinical use


Aromatherapy for Relaxation

Have you ever been nervous about receiving a medical procedure? What do you do to calm your nerves? Deep breathing, visualization, or do you pop a pill – natural or pharmaceutical? Have you ever tried aromatherapy to help you relax and calm your nerves? Have you ever used aromatherapy during a medical procedure?



Alternatives to “popping a Xanax”

A couple of years ago a wedding planner friend came to me with the proclamation: “No matter how great of a job I do, these brides are nervous and stressed, many times popping a Xanax, or something similar on their big day.” More recently, someone asked me if there were supplements that might be an alternative to popping a Xanax for whenever they needed to get on an airplane.



Wearing too many hats can cause adrenal stress or burnout. Does this sound like you?

Trying to wear too many hats can cause adrenal stress or burnout leaving you feeling like you need to sleep for days to “recover” from a big event. Has this scenario ever happened to you? You have been “running on adrenaline”, relying on “Red Bull” and “Monster” all day, and then nothing sounds better than a vodka-tonic, or a glass of wine (or two), at the end of the day?


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Wedding planner Nicole Kaney shares her a-ha moment when discovering high quality supplements.

After wrapping up my last wedding of the season I packed up my car & dog and we headed to meet my husband for the summer in Washington, DC. We had a slew of visitors and had fun living in a big city. A few weeks later I was beat! Everything had caught up with me and I needed to kick start my immune system. I felt so run down and sleep wasn’t helping enough. I knew I needed to try some supplements & vitamins.