Buying & Taking Supplements Series Tip #13. Buy from Companies that Specialize.

You walk into the health food store, or supplement department of your natural grocer, and you are weeding your way through your choices using tips 1-12 we have previously given you. But you still seem to be faced with so many choices! Now what? Tip #13 will help even more with making an educated choice. Here it is:

Buy from companies that specialize.

If you are buying enzymes – buy from an enzyme company. If you are buying aloe – buy from an aloe company. Buying herbs – buy from an herb company. Buying fish oil – buy from a fish oil company. Buying shea butter – buy from a shea butter company, and so on. You get the idea.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, and there are good and bad companies of all sorts out there. But if you remember to ask this question of the store staff, or use this criterion when shopping online, it will really help weed out the bad from the good.

When you buy from companies that specialize, in general your list of benefits include:

  • Small, and many times, family owned for generations.
  • Easy to reach if questions or concerns arise.
  • Raw materials are easily tracked, often grown or produced by the company or in close partnerships with other specialty companies.
  • They are not spreading their knowledge, focus, or resources too thin.
  • Extremely passionate about what they do, and would love to talk to you all day with more information than you thought you would ever want to know.

On the flip side, beware of the “me too” companies and products. All of a sudden Chia, Resveratrol, or Lemon Balm are popular, and now EVERYBODY is “producing” one. Those are great products of course, but there are companies that have been selling and specializing in those products for years, maybe even decades, and those are the companies you generally want to choose to buy from first.

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