Book Review: The Matcha Miracle

The Matcha Miracle

Alert calm. That is a great description for one of matcha’s side effects. What is matcha? The simple explanation is that it is ground up green tea leaves. The tea leaves are ground so fine that the powder dissolves in water. This preparation has been used for centuries in the Far East.

Matcha has become popular because western cultures have become more aware of the astounding health benefits of super foods from other cultures, and new generations worldwide have developed more sophisticated palates. Matcha produces the fifth taste, umami.

The Matcha Miracle

I appreciate the concise and easy to understand information presented in the book The Matcha Miracle. Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

  • There is a rich history of powdered tea that starts during the Song Dynasty in China and finds its way to Japan as matcha green tea. One Zen priest in particular is credited for its cultivation and development into Japan’s exclusive tea used for traditional tea ceremonies. Today it is still so revered that only one percent of Japan’s teas are exported despite domestic demand.
  • How the tea is grown and processed will significantly affect the quality, purity, potency, and taste. The highest quality matcha is ground with a stone mill. This produces the “tea grade” for consuming it as tea. Anything that is ground by machine is “industrial grade” or “ingredient grade”. This grade is fine for cooking and baking, but try drinking it as tea, and it will have a completely different taste.
  • Matcha is VERY rich in chlorophyll. It is very green. Even dedicated “green drink” consumers are usually surprised.
  • Matcha is 10x more nutrient dense than regular green tea. One cup of matcha tea provides over 5x the antioxidants of any other food.
  • Looking for EGCG? Catechins deserve a post of their own, but matcha provides the highest amount compared to other green teas.
  • The kind of caffeine found in matcha is MUCH different than the kind in coffee or soda. It is assimilated in such a way that it actually SUPPORTS your hormonal system, namely the adrenal glands!
  • Weight loss, detoxification, memory and concentration support, are all ongoing benefits you will experience with the regular use of matcha.

The Matcha Miracle is not only a great source of information on the historical, and technical aspects of matcha, but it is also a cookbook! Matcha is an ingredient in baked goods, desserts, side dishes, main courses, and cocktails! We can’t wait try them all!

If you are looking for a simple, yet informative, matcha reference and recipe book all in one, then you must add this book to your library!

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  1. Anna Zulaica says:

    Thank you for the review! Let us know how you liked the book and your thoughts on the recipes! We worked hard to think inside and outside the box on the recipe section. Hope you enjoy! – Anna Zulaica

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