Book review: The Gluten-Free Revolution

Whether you want to be gluten-free (GF), or NEED to be GF, The Gluten-Free Revolution by Jax Peters Lowell is the book for you. It is about 600 pages of information typically found in a gluten-free book, plus information you didn’t even think you needed, but you do!

Gluten-Free Goodness Inside

When I first picked up the book I thought to myself, “THIS is the gluten-free bible”. Then, I went on to read that Jax IS the author of The Gluten-Free Bible! In my opinion, this would actually make her new book an encyclopedia!

Jax includes resources in her new book that go the extra mile, helping people find caterers, chefs, dieticians, and schools that specialize in GF cooking. She includes recipes from her favorite GF cookbooks and she can help you find GF friendly hotels, cruises, and travel companies. Her guide to the best GF blogs, workshops, conferences, magazines, and cell phone apps, will help expand your GF world.

Jax also covers GF international travel, the latest science, doctor visits and test results, sex and dating, and dining etiquette.

My favorite quote from Jax that I have read so far is: “I am a believer in the idea that where we are injured is where we shine the brightest. Heal yourself first, then help others do the same.” It is obvious by the tone of this book that she cares, and knows what people are up against when facing a GF lifestyle. She really wants to help you succeed!

If you plan to read cover to cover – get out your highlighter pen and expect to dog-ear most pages. However, this book is structured so you can “dip into as situations arise”.

We are fortunate to have this book in our library now. Do yourself a gluten-free favor, and add The Gluten-Free Revolution by Jax Peters Lowell to your library too!

gluten-free revolution

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