Book Review: The Anti-cancer Diet

Look at the first two quotes that are always listed on the right column of this blog page: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense.” – Buddha, and “No one has perfect knowledge” – Unknown.

As much as I liked this book, and as knowledgeable as David Khayat, MD is in the world of cancer, there were times while reading it when those two quotes came to mind. Regardless, I like books like this, I like the challenge of doing further research, and the practice of listening to my own instincts and common sense.

The reasons I love The Anti-cancer Diet

It starts by explaining “What is Cancer”, covering in very scientific detail what is happening to our cells and our genes that become “mutations”. It explains the how, when, and why, the body can or can’t stop that process, or repair that damage. If you have been away from science or biology class for a while, you will have to reread this section a few times. The best part was Dr. Khayat concluding the section by saying, “perhaps you ought to put the book down for a few minutes so you can relax and think about something else before we go on”, which is exactly what I had to do.

Do not fear, the whole book is not that difficult to understand, it gets a lot easier. The Anti-cancer Diet is really about “Nutrigenomics”, the new science of the connection between genes, cancer, and nutrition. The study of this is awesome, and long overdue.

There are great reminders about the way we cook and eat meat, oils, and dairy, that directly impacts cell damage, increasing oxidation, and creating harmful toxic by-products. Not to mention the chemicals found in processed and packaged foods that you may not have even considered. I was happy to read about, and agree with, the recommendation to eat from the earth, as well as the idea of what he calls “Ecologyms”. “The aim of exercise is to exert yourself, but to protect your body – to exercise in a way that is not too harsh on your body, but that also lets you burn off sufficient energy.”

Lastly, since we love supplements and super foods, we love the validations that our favorite “natural promoter components” are mentioned throughout the book. To find out what these are you will have to buy the book, and look for a follow-up post from us that will clue you in.

Whether you want to eat for cancer prevention, supplement for prevention or support, or need another reason to exercise and shed those excess pounds, Dr. David Khayat’s book The Anti-cancer Diet, should be in your library.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

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