Book Review: The Master Cleanse Made Easy

I have had a 25 year fascination with cleansing and fasting as a way of achieving optimal health, as well as an alternative healing therapy, and have many books in my library on the subject. The idea of giving your body a rest from food and digestion always made sense to me, as that is obviously what happens to most people when they get sick – they “lose their appetite”.

Versions of The Master Cleanse

Out of all of the books I have on the subject of cleansing, I now have 4 just on the Master Cleanse: the 1976 original version, the revised version from 1993, a 2005 version, and now a 2014 version by Robin Westen. (To be clear, they are all the same recipes, but the latter books go into more detail geared to the modern day consumer.) Funny enough, despite all of the literature I have, I’ve never actually done the Master Cleanse.

I have made the recipe, and I have also used a pre-made product by Vibrant Health called Vibrant Cleanse. I enjoy the taste of the drink, and like to call it a spicy lemonade. I drink it often in the summer time when I’m eating lighter foods and my diet consists of more raw foods.

Over the years I have formed my opinion on fasting and cleansing based on classic use and healing, and do not support fasting for merely weight loss purposes, or as a way to “correct” glutinous food behaviors. For example, I do not agree with the common tradition of “I ate unhealthful over the holidays, now I must cleanse”. We have posted on this topic before.

The Master Cleanse Made Easy

The title is a bit deceiving, since the Master Cleanse is never really going to be “easy”, but I do appreciate this new book called The Master Cleanse Made Easy by Robin Westen for the following reasons:

  • By page 16 it is telling you who should NOT do this cleanse.
  • It has an interesting 10 page “toxin reference section”. It lists everything from salmonella to BPA’s, to food dyes and emotions. All things in our life that are toxic. I don’t think there is enough science to show how the Master Cleanse in particular can rid the body of this long list of toxins, but I do believe awareness can help, and in general, fasting and cleansing does support the bodies innate ability to heal itself. We have posted in the past about the concept of everyday cleansing.
  • There are a variety of good “get to know yourself” quizzes in this book. For example: How Toxic Are You, Personal Power, Ability to Meet Challenges, and Are you ready for the Master Cleanse, to name a few.

Some of the best advice found in this book directly related to the actual cleanse is:

  • The importance of pre-cleanse prep. Doing just these 10 pages of recommendations would be a wonderful cleanse in itself for most people.
  • The quiz that asks if you are ready for the Master Cleanse. Most people won’t be, and therefore shouldn’t do it. Working toward scoring well on that quiz so that you are ready for the cleanse means practicing great, simple overall lifestyle advice and changes everyone should achieve first.
  • The importance of breaking the fast. It is a continued cleanse as you slowly introduce other fruit, veggies and broth back into your life.

Why would you want to buy this book on the Master Cleanse if you don’t think you are interested in doing it? Because it has many healthy lifestyle tips that compliment the Master Cleanse pre and post cleansing, that everyone could benefit from. Subject headings include: Practicing Forgiveness, Grab Hold of Gratitude, Remember Your Dreams, Go Slow, Metta Practice, Halt Negative Thinking, Ways to Keep Yourself Happy, and more.

The Master Cleanse Made Easy also wraps up with healthy recipes, solid diet and exercise advice, and more mindfulness practices.

Personally, I will use the book by taking advantage of all of the good information that surrounds the Master Cleanse, and if and when the day comes I feel like I could benefit from a fast, I will turn to the Master Cleanse as an option.

If you think you want to try the Master Cleanse, pick up this book first. If you decide to do the Master Cleanse, follow the recommendations in this book and use it as reference along your journey so you know what to plan for and what to expect.

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