Book review: 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life

12 Simple Steps to Loving Life

I am a sucker for “self-help” books. I started reading books in that category at about 18 years old, around the same time my interest in alternative healing modalities also emerged. I learned quickly that wellness – mind, body, spirit, was a total package. Authors like Dan Millman, James Redfield, M. Scott Peck, Thomas Moore, and Shakti Gawain, were the books I was reading while most of my peers had their heads buried in college textbooks.

Today, although my desire to read from the “self-help” category is still strong, I don’t find myself setting enough time aside to do so. I was happy to get a request from the publicity services for Robert Radcliffe to review his book, 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life.

Alcoholics Anonymous

I have only known a handful of people that have used the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program for recovery, and my sense is they all used it in their own way. Thankfully, all those people in my life have had success not only maintaining their sobriety, but have had success in “finding themselves”, and becoming whole, successful people.

12 Simple Steps to Loving Life

Robert Radcliffe takes out the addiction and alcohol messages, and explains the “Steps” using a language that everyone can relate too. He modernizes the book by drawing a parallel between the message of the “Steps” to classic and modern-day “self-help” gurus like Rumi, Albert Einstein, Buddha, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen, Dr. Stephan Covey, Eckhart Tolle and Anthony Robbins. God appears on most pages, and in every “step”, but Robert Radcliffe assures the reader right from the start that God means something different to everyone, and a specific religious affiliation is not necessary. The end of the book stresses the importance of meditation and quieting the mind.


12 Simple Steps to Loving Life is a quick read, however, if you were going to apply the steps “step by step” as suggested to reap the benefits, I feel this book needs a companion guide. In theory, the steps are simple, but actually doing them will be a challenge for most people. A formal check list on exactly how to accomplish each step, and indicators for when you know you are ready to move on to the next step, would also be helpful.

There were nice messages, good reminders, and encouragement given on almost every page, so if you need a boost, or want some inspiration to dig deeper into your journey into wholeness and wellness, this is definitely a book to check out.


If you would like to win a copy of this book for your Kindle, let us know why in the comments below. One winner will be chosen and provided with a link to your copy via Amazon.

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