B is for Bananas and Beets

Chances are you are already a banana eater, unless you have shied away from them because of negative ads you may have seen on  the Internet making them seem unhealthy. On the flip side, you probably “don’t like” beets, so you are nowhere near close to eating enough of them for optimal health. Let’s vow to change our attitudes toward bananas and beets, and start consuming them more often! Here’s why:


Bananas contain many vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of potassium, vitamin A (1300i.u per pound), iron (1.8 mg per pound) and vitamin C (30 mg per pound). The potassium content, along with their ability to prevent bad cholesterol from oxidizing, make bananas a key food for preventing and reversing high blood pressure and cholesterol issues that could eventually cause heart attack and stroke.

Bananas can be helpful in quelling heartburn and indigestion, and are a food to consider for treating and preventing ulcers. The protease inhibitor found in bananas appears to kill off harmful ulcer causing bacteria, while simultaneously stimulating the production of protective mucus. They also contain some pectin, which feed the friendly bacteria of the bowel, and keep diarrhea in check.

bananas and beets


Folk medicine is full of stories about using beets and beet juice for fighting cancer. The scientific explanation for this would probably point to the bright red/crimson color made up of betacyanin as the tumor fighter. To retain this super power, consume them raw, juiced, freeze dried, or only slightly cooked.

Beets are a great source of minerals like calcium (about 50 mgs per pound) and iron (about 3.4 mgs per pound). High in vitamin A – as high as 23,000 ius per pound! Vitamin C makes a good showing too at about 80 mgs per pound, not to mention a nice source of folate.

Beets are great for ailments related to the bowel, liver, and gall bladder, and are also excellent for supporting the lymphatic system.

bananas and beets 2

You can combine bananas and beets nicely into one meal or dish! If you search the Internet for “bananas and beets recipes”, you will find everything from smoothies, to brownies, to meatloaf. We will definitely be making some of them ourselves. We will keep you posted. 😉

Photo credits: creativecolor.wordpress.com Chris Carter

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