Are B12 Shots The Right Path For You? What to look for when choosing a B12 supplement.

Just as there are many paths up a mountain, there are several approaches to maintaining proper B12 levels in the body. The more you start researching Vitamin B12, the more and more this humble vitamin sounds like a miracle. One vitamin that can improve energy, regulate sleep, bolster mood, improve memory, address nerve pain…the list goes on and on. For this reason, “B12 shots” are rapidly growing in popularity; this technique involves injecting B12 intramuscularly in order to bypass the digestive system.

While these shots certainly have a time and a place, it is generally much easier and more consistent to rely on a good quality oral B12 supplement. I only feel comfortable recommending the methylcobalamin form of B12 to my patients (as opposed to the cheaper version, cyanocobalamin); methylcobalamin is the active form of B12 which is readily used by the body. In fact, methylcobalamin can donate its “methyl” group to the body’s detoxification process, as described in an earlier post. Good B Complex supplements contain this superior form of B12, making it a highly absorbable B12 you can use every single day.

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