A is for Apple and Avocado

Apple and avocado are definitely A-list fruits! Since different varieties of apples will grow each season, you can almost always find a nice selection in your market. Avocados have become more readily available year round as well, as people’s fear of fat and calories associated with the avocado has finally started to diminish.


apple and avocado

Classic remedy for: gout, skin eruptions, nerves, and diarrhea

Best consumed: raw

Apples are an alkaline food.

Apples contain pectin, which has the ability to take up excess water in the intestines and make a soft bulk that acts as a mild, nonirritating stimulant which aids in natural bowel elimination.

The iron content in apples is not high (about 1.2 mg per pound), but they have a property that helps the body absorb the iron in other foods.

There is a generous amount of calcium, approximately 24 mg per pound.

Apples are rich in vitamins A (360 i.u. per pound), B’s – Riboflavin and thiamine, as well as vitamin C (18 mg per pound).

Good for low blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, blood and lymph purification.


apple and avocado


The fruit oil gives the avocado its high-energy value. Unlike most fruit, it contains very little carbohydrate.

The avocado contains 14 minerals. Especially noteworthy are the:

  • iron (2 mg per pound) and copper content, which aid in blood regeneration and anemia prevention
  • sodium, potassium, calcium (34 mg per pound) and phosphorus (143 mg per pound) content, which gives the avocado a high alkaline reaction.

Avocados are rich in vitamins A (990 i.u. per pound), B’s – Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, and vitamin C (48 mg per pound).

Always try to buy organic, it’s best for our environment and our bodies. However, in the case of the apple and avocado, if there is a large price difference between the two, or if organic is not currently available where you are, the apple and avocado are two fruits that are ok to consume non-organic.

Photo credits: wide-wallpapers.net and avocado.org.au

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