Addressing facial wrinkles holistically

The appearance of facial wrinkles and lines are generally acquired over time. Emotional expressions are a form of tension. Habitual emotions result from unresolved conflicts, suspicions, fears, etc. These emotions reflect themselves in the facial musculature and appear as skin lines, furrows and wrinkles.

Get to the motor point

Muscle contraction is defined as shortened muscle tissue. Tension in the muscles mean that the muscle fibers are held in a state of contraction caused by an electrical excitation from the brain causing multiple overlapping of fiber upon fiber, thousands of times over. An instantaneous nerve force generates the contraction process, but the release process is not instantaneous. At the end of the nerve where it terminates into the respective muscle to energize it is called the motor end plate, or motor point. These points turn out to be very specific acupuncture points.

Facial wrinkles are muscle spasms

When the facial muscle is chronically spasmodic (a hyper-firing motor point) causing a permanent crevice or crease, why not use acupuncture, electricity, and massage to relax the muscle? It makes a lot of sense once you consider the total body benefits you can achieve at the same time via these motor end-plates, or acupuncture points.

The natural face lift

Essentially, acupuncture is draining the electricity out of the motor point helping the muscle to relax. We have written articles in the past about the acupuncture face-lift. As technology advances, we can see the same can be done better and faster using micro-current electricity.

Micro-current devices send weak electrical signals into the body and are becoming more popular with estheticians and acupuncture physicians. In the case of the “natural face lift”, the massage via a micro-current device helps to expel toxins from the tissues while the muscle fibers are being separated allowing repolarization and muscle lengthening. A pulsed galvanic current will act on the skin for disincrustation and ion absorption (deep pore cleansing), while also acting upon the nerve fibers (acupuncture points).

A holistic approach to beauty

The regular use of micro-current in facials alone has proven to provide a number of health benefits aside from just better looks. It is not uncommon to hear reports of head, neck, back, and other joint pain relief.

High quality frequency therapy with a pulsed current imposes something new into the neurological feedback loop between the brain and the face causing hemispheric resynchronization. The brain is allowed a chance to reorient itself; intrinsic stress has a chance to discharge, resulting in a better look, more symmetrical face, and an over-all sense of well-being.

If you want to avoid vanity procedures that might create the tucked sheet look, and you are not a fan of having toxins injected into your face that induce paralysis, but instead like the idea of using a restorative and rehabilitative therapy that addresses underlying muscle spasms, then micro-current facial massage is your answer.

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Information summarized from: Reading Faces, East and West by Professor Charles McWilliams

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