Acupuncture is a tool in your toolbox for total fitness health. For inflammation, recovery, mobility & pain.

What’s that old saying? “What’s good for the professional athlete is good for the weekend warrior?” I may have paraphrased a bit. The point is that more and more professional athletes, everyone from Olympians to professional football and baseball players, are relying heavily on their acupuncturists to keep them in top shape.

Some acupuncturists actually specialize in Sports Medicine Acupuncture (SMA) although any acupuncturist will be able to help with the basics of athletic recovery, improved mobility, as well as easing aches and pains.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published an article earlier this year about using acupuncture for exercise performance and recovery. They found that “there is preliminary support for the use of acupuncture as a means to enhance exercise performance and post exercise recovery.” In addition, we know that acupuncture is effective at addressing inflammation that can be the source of much exercise-related pain.

Acupuncture and knee health example:

Check out these before, during, and after thermographic photos taken in 5 minute intervals of an inflamed knee undergoing an acupuncture treatment. Those red “hot spots” seemingly melting away reflect acupuncture’s efficiency in helping with local inflammation.






Whether you’re suffering from tennis elbow, lower back pain, knee pain, or general soreness, acupuncture is a great tool to keep your body in optimal working order.

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